Nightdive Studios Check out more 90s game remasters and they might be Xbox

Video games have been around for a long time and thus there are millions of old games for gamers. The list of classic titles is endless and discovering and playing these games is another fun pastime. However, many older games are not available in any format for modern players.

Many studios leave their classic titles to rot and don’t update them for modern systems. These abandoned titles are being hidden from a whole new generation of gamers, which is a shame. However, there is a studio that updates and modifies these games for modern systems, Night studios.

Partners Steven Kick and Alix Kick founded the company in 2012 after Steven Kick was unable to buy an old game. Nightdive Studios has since acquired the rights to the “forgotten” games and released them on current platforms such as DOOM. The studio has now said it will come More remasters!

Stephen Kick, founder and CEO of Nightdive Studios, said that several more 90’s FPS remasters It will be released in the future. He said this in a Twitter reboot discussing a list of classic 90s FPS games. Stephen Kick said that the company has already remade four games and more.

Of course, Nightdive’s work is always impeccable, with the utmost respect for the original work, which seems to work easily, but has a lot of work behind it, thanks to the use of its proprietary engine, KEX. engine. But let’s stop praising them and focus on the new ones, because we will try to choose the games remastered. They say they did it with 4 on the list and they are: PowerSlave, blood, Doom 64 and Earthquake.

Accredited industry insider @MauroNL3 has listed several games that they believe are new remasters. Earthquake II is one of those games getting a remaster from Nightdive Studios. Since the QuakeCon event will also take place next month, it is likely that an announcement could be made.

Another game is being remastered Golden Eye 007, which is a classic James Bond game. Nightdive Studios has already done this, but according to an industry insider, it’s now in licensing. So we might see a remaster of the game once the situation is resolved.

heretic is a game from Raven Software and iD Software that had licensing issues from both studios. However, since both could become Microsoft, these problems may end soon.

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