Nexus Mods bans creations that are anti-diversity or troll other users

The decision comes after the release of a controversial mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

by launching Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered It didn’t take long on PC before it started receiving mods that changed the character’s appearance and other elements of his world. Among them was a creature who Removed the LGBT+ pride flags in the headerwhich was distributed by Nexus Mods – who said in response will no longer allow hosting of this type of material.

In a statement released this Wednesday (17), site administrators announced this The mod has caused “stupid drama” in the community And who, in addition to removing it, also banished its author. Nexus Mod explains that the mod was published on a newly created account by an active user with a different identity, whose The only goal was to “troll” and get attention.

The fact that the user had to create a cowardly proxy account in order to upload the mod showed their intent to troll and that they knew it wouldn’t be allowed.“- say site administrators. According to the update, Using an alternate account has resulted in the user being bannedwhich would only receive notification of the content if they hosted it under their original identity.

NexusMod means versatility

Site administrators announced this in the same message are committed to diversity in gaming and that they reserve the right to refuse to host any content that conflicts with it. Nexus Mod claims that, as a private entity, it has the right to do so and will actively act to block content designed to troll or harass other users or groups.

We have no authority over what users can and cannot change. Removing a mod just means it can’t be found in Nexus Mods, nothing more, nothing less“. The company also asks users Report any content they find inappropriatereserves the right to judge whether it should be removed or not.

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We will not discuss or discuss this with you. We will clarify our position and not offer you a platform to distort our position to feed a paranoid and distorted narrative.“. According to Nexus Mods, anyone who is offended by his position or disagrees with the site’s code of conduct They are free to delete their accounts and use competing sites To host your content (or at least try to do so).


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