Next-generation GPUs will require more efficient cooling solutions

Large capacities come with large energy requirements to realize the full potential that boards have.

If large capacity is followed by large responsibilities when it comes to power consumption in GPUs, large loads should be accompanied by more efficient cooling solutions. Is what is currently on the market enough to process a new generation of video cards?

Manufacturers of refrigeration and refrigeration solutions are already watching this and see this scenario as a great opportunity to encourage consumers to buy new, more efficient products. This is shown by a report published this week by Digitimes.

Next-generation GPUs will increase demand for high-quality coolers

The novelty is encouraging for the manufacturers of these components. High quality components require premium materials and engineering solutions at this level, often offering suppliers a good profit margin. That is, it is a good business for the industry to get faster GPUs that are more energy efficient.

AMD and NVIDIA are preparing to launch “monstrous” GPUs for the second half of this year. The company’s 5 or 6 Nm GPUs are likely to require more power than current models – which means higher concentrations of power and heat per chip. The scenario is no different between NVIDIA GPUs and the cards supplied by the partner companies easily reach 600 watts of consumption.

What do companies prepare?

Representatives of Auras Technology and Sun Max listened to the DigiTimes report. In the case of the Auras, the team is working on the steam cameras of the laptops, but more details about what is being generated are being kept secret. Taiwanese ASUS is one of the companies that uses similar systems in its laptops as models ROG Strix Scar 17 SE and Rog Flow X16.

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Sun Max, in addition to being optimistic about the future scenario, emphasizes that it has already noticed an increase in sales volume and profitability. The company invested $ 2 million in fan research and development in 2021 and filed hundreds of patents.

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How much we will need to think about switching cooling solutions to fit next-generation GPUs remains to be seen. Neither AMD nor NVIDIA has officially commented on the potential of their cards. However, if I were you, I would be looking at more powerful solutions that should appear on the market in the coming months.


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Source: Tom’s Hardware, Digitimes


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