news! Rockstar Games’ ‘Bully 2’ Is On The Way; Check it out

A member of Rockstar Games stated that “Intimidation 2“, continuation of the legendary game Titled “Bully”, from 2006, it may be released after the producer finally released the long-awaited “GTA 6”.

“Bully” is one of Rockstar’s most beloved game franchises, not to mention “GTA” and “Red Dead Redemption”, which allow you to get the same amount of mayhem, only closer to the legal side of the law.

According to information provided by, there have been several leaks about “Bully 2”; However, development game It ended up being sidelined in favor of some of the more important, higher-grossing titles that required more manpower to develop.

However, if you manage to release a great game, wait 15 years or so and let the nostalgia work, you’ve effectively got yourself a high-grossing title, which is exactly what Rockstar can do with their IPs.

So we can say that Rockstar isn’t the only one releasing nostalgic titles, as Ubisoft is also pushing its nostalgia buttons with the return of “Assassin’s Creed” and “Resident Evil.” remakeWorks very well in society.

The original title Bully was a unique game as it allowed players to play the role of a troubled boy in a boarding school where he fits in, much like a cub trying to fit into a circular hole. Because of this, players had to figure out how to survive, thrive, and break through in a school that had diverse social and power dynamics.

In fact, it was a different title compared to Rockstar’s usual offerings. In this way, it deserved, yes, a sequel, which was probably evaluated before the release of “GTA 5” and became a success among several generations of gamers.

It’s likely that the alleged “Bully 2” is a minor game compared to the open-world experience offered to players of “GTA” and “Red Dead Redemption.”

Developing smaller games can certainly do some good for Rockstar, as it fills the gaps between releases that have gotten bigger and bigger over the years.

Additionally, a developer can implement the various game systems it has developed over time into smaller titles, keeping their respective worlds. games Smaller, with their shorter development cycles.

This will ultimately require a little more creativity and less manpower for development companies, while giving various teams a break from the hard work they put into “GTA” or “Red Dead Redemption.”

It’s hard to imagine the struggles of the creative teams behind the aforementioned games, as they barely do anything other than sit and think and brainstorm new ideas. games.

Developing a light project like “Bully 2” will be something of a “vacation” at work. But it should be noted that all this is just speculation and should be treated as such.

There is still no official confirmation that “Bully 2” is actually in development. In fact, we will get more information only after the release of “GTA 6”.

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