New video with 20-minute gameplay and details from Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The text below was posted on the Brazilian PlayStation.Blog, and the video is from Game Informer.

With the release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns scheduled for October 7, gamers around the world will be able to experience the dark, supernatural side of the Marvel universe with Midnight Suns. As the last line of defense on Earth, this team of Marvel legends must unite to stop Lilith, the mother of demons, to restore the supreme god Ktoni.

To prepare for the upcoming battle, the Firaxis team was excited not only to create updated costumes for the iconic characters, but also to give them a supernatural, Midnight Suns look.

When creating these new costumes we wanted them to be unique, but it was also important to maintain certain characteristics so that the characters could be easily recognizable even during intense combat. Our first design for Midnight Suns Combat Suits had an inspired look by medieval Arthur, but eventually we chose a more elegant combination of new and old elements to represent a combination of Stark technology and Dr. Strange magic.

String glyphs are seen on armor plates with gold filigree used next to Stark’s black ballistic plastics. Plus, the new costumes radiate the magic of hellfire! Our goal was to make the costume look as if it radiated supernatural power, that is, a modern twist on traditional superhero costumes.

Here are some examples of how we approached costume design for some of the Midnight Suns, as well as tips on the possibilities that new Stark and Strange costumes include in the game.


We have maintained the sections in red and blue to ensure that the human spider is instantly recognizable. We also take care of the proper design of the website so that it has a characteristic shape, design and rhythm. This also applies to his moves, which have a distinctive acrobatic style and combine incredible, extreme poses.

In keeping with the aesthetics of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, we added sharp dagger-like drawings to the spider’s chest, back, and arms, and used similar shapes in the spider symbol design. Even in a black and gold combat suit, Spider-Man is infallible because he uses the ability of the midnight sun to jump in the air and make eye-popping poses spectacular with the blast of hell fire.


For a magic costume that has a punk style, we were looking for inspiration from comics like the TV series Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance Since 1992. The Enchantress was not part of these comics, but with her supernatural abilities teleported into space and time, she fit perfectly into the story. To make her look fit the original team of these comics, we added a black leather vest, belt and bracelet to her attire at The New Mutants.

Magic’s black and gold combat outfit in the Midnight Suns is inspired by the magic Eldrich armor he wears. New mutants And other comics. He is transformed into a medieval hero of the period fiction, which perfectly matches the spiritual sword he holds. Wearing this garment unlocks Magic’s powerful Darkchylde ability, allowing him to mock all enemies at once and become temporarily vulnerable.


For Wolverine, we relied on the brown leather suit he created for us in the 90s, as we have not seen it featured in many other games. The most important aspects of the appearance that we wanted to maintain were the classic shapes of the claws and helmet, which together with its physical type distinguishes it from other midnight sun.

For Wolverine combat clothing at Midnight Suns, we’ve added characteristic silhouette aspects to the shoulders, forearms and boots. We also extended the wings to the helmet and added sharp figures to the lines of the chest plate. The final look is suitably brutal and matches the skill Wolverine acquires from this costume: his wildlife comes to the fore when his claws are ignited and he angrily attacks multiple enemies.

Ghost Rider

We got the inspiration to create the Ghost Rider design for Marvel’s Midnight Suns from the aforementioned comic book series. Spirits of revengeAs well as his appearance in the TV series Brand New Ghost Rider With Robbie Reyes, released in 2014. His head is transformed into a metal skull that simulates the lines of his traditional muscle car, while his costume is based on overalls worn by racing drivers.

With an exaggerated Ghost Rider character and a signature gold armor, Robbie’s combat attire at Midnight Suns makes him look even more like a demonic spirit of revenge. His costume opens the horrible gaze with the ability to repent, allowing him to control the enemy’s mind before blasting them with the fire of hell.

Iron man

Believe it or not: One of the main inspirations of Tony Stark’s Iron Man costume was the 80s Italian sports car, which, given Stark’s glamorous attitude and expensive cars, is not as insane as it sounds. The sharp edges and the resulting large air holes give the Iron Man a distinctive look, but that does not make it any less noticeable.

On the other hand, Stark’s combat costume at Midnight Suns was designed with exaggerated features to highlight its capabilities. We enlarged the armor silhouette, enlarged the forearms, thighs and legs. We also added fire to the Arc Reactor, which turns into a massive pillar of hell fire when it uses its costume ability on the Midnight Suns, hitting multiple enemies with a powerful beam.

We hope you enjoyed some of the new designs on the hero costumes at Marvel’s Midnight Suns, just as we enjoyed working on them. More details about the Midnight Suns cast will be shared on Marvel’s Midnight Suns official website in the coming weeks. We look forward to fighting Lilith on October 7, when the game will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5!

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