New Skate will be free to play with cosmetics and “convenience” microtransactions

Full Circle guarantees that there will be no pay to win mechanics in the game.

Developer Full Circle released this Thursday (14) a An unreleased video about a new game in the Skate serieswhich reveals that he will hire a Completely free to play format. The developer also revealed that the game will be called simply “Skateboard” (without any numbers indicating that this is a sequence) and away it goes Get microtransactions that can be both cosmetic and “convenience”.

The purpose of Full Circle Create a shared world, in which the community will actively participate in the creation of new tracks and challenges. “It’s an authentic evolution of the franchise that takes what Skate 3 was in 2010 and brings it now and into the future.“, said creative director Deran Chung In an interview with The Verge.

Chung explained it The game is developed for PC, Xbox and PC and will bring features such as cross-play and shared progress between platforms. He also confirmed that the development process is still at an early stage – which, however, is more advanced than what is circulating on the Internet.

The release should have flexible content

Full Circle also told The Verge that this is the case Work very flexibly with the content that will be presented at the start of the game. According to Isabel Mocard, Head of Product Management, Player feedback will be essential so that the team can figure out what to bring and what updates to work on in the future.

Mocard also reinforced this The game will not be “pay to win” and this microtransaction will not block any part of your gameplay. According to him, the team believes that the best business models are built “Respect, trust and transparency“, and that he hopes to build a A platform that allows constant investment in updates and new features.

– Continues after commercial –

As Full Circle continues to explore how it will work with Skate’s microtransactions, one thing that is clear to the developer is that It will have to invest heavily in moderation tools. By opening creative tools to the public, he knows this Some people will try to abuse it and is committed to monitoring any inappropriate content.

When asked by The Verge, creative director Derek Chung said: The developer never thought about the possibility of making the new chapter of the series paid. It always made sense for him An environment with open access that allowed for a strong community — We’ll have to wait until the game’s release to see if this strategy works.


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Source: The Verge


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