New Resident Evil Village Gold Edition Trailer Focuses on Mercenaries; Advance sale

Capcom has released a new trailer Resident Evil Village Gold Edition Focuses on the new mercenary mode. See below.

Resident Evil Village Gold Editionwhich is the full version A native village of evilIncludes three DLCs in addition to the base game:

  • Third-person mode allows you to play the main story from a new perspective;
  • Additional Orders Mercenaries introduces new playable characters and stages;
  • Shades of Roses continues the story of Rosemary, Ethan’s daughter.

DLC and Gold Edition pre-orders started today.

Update: More information about the hires.

  • Lady Dimitrescu hovers over the enemy in this action-packed mode, bringing her ten feet in front of any Lycans or other enemies unfortunate enough to cross her path. In battle, Lady Dimitrescu builds up an emotion meter by slicing opponents into ribbons with her sharp claws. This allows him to perform special actions, such as knocking down enemies or summoning daughters.
  • Lord Carl Heisenberg has his own electrifying powers. Equipped with a massive hammer and the ability to manipulate magnetic currents, Heisenberg can charge into attacks. The terrifying creatures of Heisenberg’s factory, the Soldier Jets, also join him in battle – but be careful not to get caught in the crossfire of their self-destruct attacks. Heisenberg can also change his movement speed to see what enemies are made of, attract them with his magnetic field, or put on a show that everyone can enjoy by throwing scrap metal like saw blades.
  • STARS’ Chris Redfield is also “Additional Mercenary Orders.” The legendary BSAA agent packs a serious, direct hit that can not only get him out of situations where he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place, but also quickly builds up his Onslaught meter. When Onslaught is active, Chris moves and charges at lightning speed. Chris can also call for support from the Hound Wolf Squad by using his target finder to pinpoint enemy positions and call in support attacks.
  • The two new stages are “Bloody Village” and “Bloody River”.

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