New Resident Evil 4 Remake Details; Knife, QTE, Story and more

The website IGN published an interview with the producer of the remake Resident Villa 4Yoshiaki in Hirabaya.

See the key points revealed below:

  • On the reason for doing the remake: “As part of the original development team and a fan of the game, I believe that Resident Evil 4 is a great product overall. At the same time, I am also surprised that seventeen years have passed since the release. After all this time we have also gained a lot of knowledge about making games. Now we can create games that you enjoy on a deeper and broader level, even when it comes to elements like controls and storytelling. We thought adding this knowledge to Resident Evil 4 would make for an even more enjoyable title. That’s why we decided to approach Resident Evil 4 with the mindset of “even if it’s a difficult project, let’s see if we can do it.”
  • About the knife: Kazunori Kadoi and Yasuhiro Anpo, who worked on Resident Evil 2, are overseeing the creation of this game as directors. Kadoi controls the elements of the game and is quite fixed on the blade. You can use the blade for follow-up attacks on downed enemies or to make an emergency escape when enemies are caught. These actions will reduce the blade’s durability, so it’s important to think carefully about when to use them. Allows for a greater variety of play styles.

Resident Villa 4

  • Characters: “We put special emphasis on the interactions between the characters because we want to show even more of the game’s human relationships than the original. For example, take Ashley, someone who is rescued by the main character, Leon. We want to show how they both feel, rather than just making it a story of survival and escape. Of course, these are not feelings of love, and they are expressed in a strained manner befitting a survival horror title. The mysterious Lewis also has more depth than the original.”

Resident Villa 4

  • History: “When Resident Evil 4 came out, of course there was no Resident Evil 5 or Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. We have restructured with these stories in mind. “
  • QTEs: “I’d say ‘almost no’ QTEs”.

Resident Villa 4

  • Leon’s Mood: “The horror elements were emphasized in the introduction of the game. You will see scenes with more humor as you progress. We’re working to create tweaks that feel natural to players, while keeping the horror elements of the original fresh and Leon’s cynical appeal still shining through. We’re sure to keep the moments where Leon insults his enemies as well.”

Resident Villa 4

  • Folders: “In addition to the large, medium and small folders, there are several customization options to add style to your bag, such as charms you can attach and different colored folders. The gold briefcase you can get as a pre-order bonus actually has the effect of slightly increasing the amount of enemies you drop.”

Resident Villa 4

  • PS4 version: “The game is made on the RE Engine, which allows us to handle many different platforms. That said, this game is definitely built for high-end hardware. We’ll take a game we made for newer hardware and improve it for older hardware. Changing the game experience is out of the question for us, so the development team is working very hard to do everything possible to bring this game to multiple generations of hardware.”

Resident Villa 4 Released on March 24, 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. Pre-sale is possible.

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