New PS5 update brings 1440p support, playlists and more

Sony released a new PS5 update today (7). The package brings new features, improvements and, according to the company, features that have been highly requested by the community, such as 1440p video output, game list, 3D audio comparison, UI tweaks and much more.


  • Version: 22.02-
  • Size: 1086 GB

Resolution 1440p

Highly sought after, it expands the available resolution options. Of course, to take advantage of the novelty, it is necessary that the TV/monitor supports 1440p/60Hz or 1440p/60Hz and 120Hz.

List of games

Starting with this update, it is possible to create a list of games in the library. A feature that helps – and a lot – to organize the titles on the screen.

    • Go to tab to get started [Sua coleção] and select [Criar lista de jogos]. Select the games to add to your games list, then decide how to name them.
    • You can have up to 15 game lists and 100 games per game list. All games in your games library under the ‘Your Collection’ tab can be added to the games list, including disc, digital and streaming titles. You can also add the same game to multiple game lists.

Compare 3D audio

Now you can hear and compare the difference between 3D and stereo audio on the same screen, then choose the setting you want.


Simplified access to current activities

When resuming a game, current activities are usually clearly displayed at the top of the game center to make it easy and quick to pick up where you left off.


Search YouTube by voice (English)

PS5 can now search YouTube with voice commands. From anywhere on PS5, including while playing a game, you can say “Hey PlayStation, find [palavra-chave] on YouTube”. The YouTube app will open and the relevant search results will appear.

But for now, this feature only accepts English commands and only for US or UK accounts.


Social resources

  • Request a share screen
    • You can now ask group members to launch a screen share to watch a match. Go to a voice chat, select the group member you want to send a request to, and select [Solicitar compartilhamento de tela].


  • Message to enter the game
    • When you join a group and a group member plays a game you can join, you’ll get a notification. You can join the game directly from messages.


  • View profiles of new friends
    • When receiving a friend request on the list [Recebido]You can now view your new friend’s profile here [Pedidos Aceitos].
  • Send stickers and voice messages to Game Base
    • You can now send stickers and voice messages to your groups on the Game Base card.

New features of the PS app

  • Start remote play from the app
    • Players can start a remote game session directly from the PS app.
  • Request a share screen
    • Similar to the PS5 feature, through the app users can request another member to initiate screen sharing via the PS app.


The new PS5 update is free and available now on PlayStation Network. The console – usually – automatically recognizes the new version and starts the process of downloading the files.

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