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If you live in Recife (PE) or Natal (RN), keep an eye out for this opportunity: in these places, Federal Revenue will hold an auction of the seized products. He has Xbox One, Kingston SSDs, Nikon cameras, Xiaomi headphones, Macbook Pro and many other devices.

Xbox One S and controller (Image: Louis-Philippe Poitras/Unsplash)

There are 104 batches of products in total. All were recovered during audits conducted by the Federal Revenue Service. For example, some lots include cosmetics, musical instruments or car components. But most are compatible with electronic products.

The first parties get the most attention because they include video game consoles. Lot 2, for example, has nine Xbox One S and one Xbox One X. The starting price (for the whole lot) is R$5,300.

Lot 6 includes almost 50 smart watches or smart bands. Among them are the Apple Watch Series 6 and four Mi Smart Band 4. There is even an iPhone 6S missing. The starting bid for the lot is R$4,500.

Another noteworthy lot is lot 10, with bids starting at R$3,200. It consists of 40 Kingston A400 240 GB SSDs and one 480 GB SSD. Still on the storage side, Lot 28, starting at R$3,500, has 98 SanDisk Cruzer Blade 64GB flash drives, in addition to SD cards of the same brand.

PS4 Lot 71 (Image: Disclosure/IRS)
PS4 Lot 71 (Image: Disclosure/IRS)

How do I participate in the Federal Revenue Auction?

Bidding for the auction began on Thursday (15) and will continue until September 30, 21:00 (Brazilian time). Both individuals (over 18 years of age) and legal entities can participate. However, some lots are only for legal entities.

Most of the lots are located in Natal and Recife, but there are also units in cities such as Mossoró (RN) and João Pessoa (PB).

Access to the Federal Revenue e-CAC portal with a digital certificate (purchased separately) is required to participate. Then, simply log into the e-auction area and search for Public Notice 0420100/000004/2022 to submit bids.

Here is a list of the main electronics up for auction:

party Basic items initial offer
two 9x Xbox One S
1x Xbox One X
BRL 5,300
3 9x Xbox One S
1x Xbox One S
BRL 5000
4 10x Xbox One S BRL 4100
5 7x Xbox One X BRL 4000
6 1x Apple Watch Series 6
15x unrecognized smartwatch or smart band
6x Smartwatch IWO 13
4x Mi M4 Smart Watch
1x Motorola 15W charger
8x Smartband HS6620D
2x Smartband “Intelligence Health Bracelet M3”
1x iPhone 6S
1x Smartwatch Tomato MTR-03
2x Smartwatch IWO 12
1x Smartwatch Amazfit Bip
4x Mi Smart Band 4
2x Mi Band 3
1x Amazfit Bip S
BRL 4,500
8 50x General Virtual Reality Glasses (“VR BOX”) BRL 650
10 40x Kingston A400 240GB SSD
1x Kingston A400 480GB SSD
BRL 3200
13 1x Bak electric scooter
1x Foston S08 Pro Electric Scooter
1x Hoverboard PB-C10BT
1x Smart Balance Wheel
3x electric scooter (model not specified)
1x Hoverboard (model not specified)
1x Segma electric scooter
BRL 4100
15 2x Blu-Ray players
1x MP3 player
1x JBL Boombox
1x JBL Partybox 300
1x JBL Partybox 100
40x Grasep DH 887 speakers
2x Motorola Walkie Talkies
BRL 4000
22 1x NES Classic
3x Xbox One S
1x Nintendo Switch
1x Xbox One X
10x Xbox One S All Digital
1x Final Fantasy VI Remake for PS4
1x PES2020 for PS4
BRL 9000
23 1x Ropo Slim (vacuum robot)
7x Ropo Pet
5x Ropo Smart
BRL 5,500
25 4x Fone i12 TWS (AirPods clone)
60x BOAS LED Cat Headphone LC-222
5x Mi Redmi Airdots
81.9x kg Altomex headphones
BRL 18,000
26 1x Nikon D750
1x Nikon D610
1x Nikon WU-1B Wireless Adapter
1x Nikon MBD14 battery
BRL 7000
28 31x SanDisk 64GB SD
98x SanDisk Cruzer Blade 64GB Flash Drive
5x SanDisk SD 128 GB
BRL 3,500
34 300x Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic BRL 18,000
36 3x Garmin Forerunner 235 BRL 800
45 10x Chromecast 1 BRL 550
48 1x PS3
1x PS4
8x control
1x Xbox with Kinect (unspecified)
BRL 850
60 2x Seagate 500GB HDD
1x Asus Evo motherboard (model not specified)
1x cabinet
1x AMD Phenom II Black Edition
1x Iceage 3RSystem source
4x keyboard
1x Seagate 1TB HDD
1x Seagate 2TB HDD
1x SSD 240GB
8x Universal Notebook Power Supply
BRL 2,300
62 1x JBL Flip (model not specified)
1x JBL SB100 audio converter
BRL 900
71 2x PS4 BRL 800
72 2x PS4
1x PlayStation Classic
BRL 800
76 7x Raspberry Pi (model not specified)
1x cable
1x Asrock H110M-HDV motherboard
1x 1TB WD HD
43x Raspberry Pi 3
1x Kingston SSD
40x Raspberry Pi cases
6x Fonts for Raspberry Pi
1x DDR2 4GB
2x SanDisk SSD 240 GB
1x Seagate HD 500GB
BRL 3000
77 1x Amazfit Verge Lite
1x Mi Band 4
1x Amazfit GTR
2x Amazfit Bip
5x Amazfit Bip Lite
BRL 800
85 1x MacBook Pro (model not specified) BRL 2000
86 25x Fair Control FR-205
5x other controllers (Xbox and PS)
BRL 700
94 1x Atari Flashback 9 Gold
1x Xbox One S
BRL 1000
96 1x Apple Watch Series 6 BRL 500
97 1x DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone BRL 1000

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