New images and the opening scene of The Last of Us Part 1 have leaked online

If you’ve never played the original, beware of SPOILERS

Even as Naughty Dog slowly reveals changes to The Last of Us Part I, a remake of the original PlayStation 3 title, Leakers have revealed more scenes comparing the two versions. The leak only confirms the developer’s commitment to revamping the game, from the details of the scenarios to the character modeling.

The original images were posted on the ResetEra forum, and most of them are no longer available, apparently the result of Naughty Dog’s efforts to remove them from circulation. But the Internet is the Internet. Below you can see a comparison of the different cutscenes and a big spoiler from the beginning of the game.

The side-by-side cutscenes between the remake and the original impress with the graphical differences that the new title will bring. As if it wasn’t enough to work on redesigning all the characters, some with new faces, more detail in their clothes, Naughty Dog also redesigned the entire game environment, at least that’s what the comparison showed.

The scene below, which reveals why Joel is so bitter, has no changes to his gameplay, just graphical improvements with new modeling, lighting, details, and the like. Soon the internet will be full of comparisons of this scene between the two versions of the game.

Spoiler alert

– Continues after commercial –

Along with this leak, the people responsible say that The Last of Us Part I on PlayStation 5 will have two game modes: 4K 30 FPS and 4K 60FPS, and the combat will be similar to the original title. Additionally, the accessibility options featured in The Last of Us Part II will be present in the remake of the original.

Naughty Dog didn’t take it easy on their work until the release. The Last of Us Part II, for example, had Much more leakage. In addition to showing a few different cutscenes and menus, the entire story and even the ending of the game were revealed in this case.

Developer defends The Last of Us Part I is not an ‘easy way to make money’

Additionally, The Last of Us standalone multiplayer was also leaked months ago. This has already been confirmed by Naughty Dog, but no details have been made public. According to Neil Druckman, The Last of Us multiplayer is as ambitious as the single-player games they’ve made.

– Continues after commercial –

The Last of Us Part I will be released on September 2nd on PlayStation 5 and later on PC, but no date has been set yet.


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