New Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Details; The story will not be summarized, changes, etc

The Gematsu website has gathered information that was revealed in recent interviews by Yoshinori Kitase (executive producer of the series). Final Fantasy VII), Tetsuya Nomura (creative director Final Fantasy VII Rebirth / creative director Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion and character designer) and Mariko Sato (producer Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion).

See what was said below Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. If you missed it, check out the compilation and more details Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

  • (Why is it called A Rebirth than Remake 2…) again remake how much Rebirth “Newborn” has the same meaning. In addition, if Let’s call it Remake 2An impression can be created that there will be a 3, 4, 5 And so on… except that two Just because it exists 1. This also means Final Fantasy VII Rebirth You might enjoy it enough on your own.
  • The reason for the delay in the announcement Final Fantasy VII Rebirth This was because we weren’t sure if it was going to be a two-parter or a trilogy.
  • Usually when it comes to TV series Final Fantasy, only core members are retained after the game is over, and most other employees are transferred to other teams. However, after the project Final Fantasy remake It was decided from the beginning to come out in multiple parts, the same team managed to work on the sequel, maintaining teamwork, know-how and momentum, so the development was very fast. However, due to the sheer volume of resources required, there is no downtime and everything is always moving at full speed. The basics are complete and we are currently in the mass production phase. Development is going well.
  • We have already started working on areas such as the story and the third title.
  • Just like we created Midgar so that the fans Final Fantasy VII The original can rate it, we take care of the development Rebirth so as not to spoil the image of fans of the original. For this reason, the volume is quite large.
  • We’ve heard concerns from fans asking, “Can this story really be told in a trilogy?” and “Will this be an abridged/abbreviated version?” But it won’t be a summary.
  • As for whether the game is open world or not, it will be revealed in the next news release.
  • General systems Final Fantasy VII Remake will be handed over.
  • The scene where Cloud and Sephiroth walk together in the trailer is Cloud’s scene.
  • The 3D models of the main characters have not changed. However, some characters have been modified, such as Yufi’s model, which we have retouched. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.
  • The focal point of the story has not changed. As for the new secrets that are different Final Fantasy VII The original, the players of the original will be able to enjoy the game in a new way. The challenge we faced for this project was how to incorporate these new mysteries without deviating from the original.
  • As for the progress of the game, there will be some changes. If you’re thinking “is this cut?” while playing, it’s because the story structure has changed a bit due to it being a trilogy. While the order in which certain locations are visited may change, our policy is essentially to stop at nothing.
  • It’s exclusive to the PlayStation 5, of course, because of the graphics quality and SSD access speed. When the adventure unfolds in the vast world after escaping from the approach, the stress of loading is extreme vegetable. We felt we needed the PlayStation 5 specs to overcome this and travel the world comfortably.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Coming late 2023 (Brazilian summer) for PS5.

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