New Details Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty; Is soul-like indeed and more

At a Microsoft conference last week, we had a statement Wo Long: A fallen dynastyNew Ninja Team project coming out for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

IGN interviewed Team Ninja and now we have the details of the new title. Check out the key points and we have confirmation that it will be like a soul:

  • Is a character creator like Nioh 2. “Wo Long’s main character is a military volunteer. Just like in Nioh 2, you can create and customize this protagonist according to your preferences ”;
  • Is the jump button. “With the protagonist jumping ability, Wo Long levels have an almost linear approach”;
  • Moral condition for player and enemies. “We wanted to use the unique elegance of Chinese martial arts and act as an elegant form of action. Using this action to overcome difficult battles should create an experience like no other. Because the game takes place during the Three Kingdoms period war, we have created a system that revolves around warrior morale. Both the player and the enemies have a moral status, which will lead to new strategies in the soul-like genre “;
  • The cooperative is clearly present. Wo Long will also have a multiplayer component. While no other details are known other than the mere fact that it exists, Team Ninja said it will have at least one Nioh-like cooperative game.
  • With titles similar to Ninja Gaiden and Nioh, Team Ninja became famous for its games developed in feudal Japan, so playing the period of the Three Kingdoms of China may come as a surprise to some. That said, with series like Dynasty Warriors and Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Koei Tecmo (Team Ninja’s parent company) has specialized in this scenario for more than three decades. “Although the Three Kingdoms period is a symbol for Koei Tecmo, he has never addressed Team Ninja himself. Combining Team Ninja’s actions with Koei Tecmo’s most popular parameter, it can be said that Wo Long shares DNA from both sides. But Koei Tecmo never created a dark fantastic version of the Three Kingdoms.

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