New dead space will occur in one sequence without loading screens

EA Motive promises that the game will only stop if the player dies

It is scheduled to hit stores in January 2023 A reboot of the Dead Space series It promises to harness the power of today’s consoles a An innovative horror experience. According to EA Motive, the new game will take place in St A single narrative sequence that won’t be interrupted by loading screens or with camera angle changes.

This means that from the beginning to the end of Isaac Clarke’s journey, Players are watching your every move over your shoulder. The developer claims that the presentation decision will keep intact the aspects that blessed the original game, Reproducing some of his most striking scenes “With the greatest respect.”

From the moment the game starts to the end, there are no camera interruptions or loading screens—unless you die“, – explains senior producer Philippe Ducharme. to achieve the effect EA Motive has ensured that the Ishimura spaceship will have all its environments linked together so that there is continuous progress from one corner of it to the other.

Dead Space promises players more freedom

The developer also announced this in his official blog The Dead Space reboot should give players more freedom of movement. Taking advantage of the fact that the game takes place in space, the company promises more moments where there will be “360° freedom” to explore the environment.

Although the title should retain the story of the original game, Longtime fans of the series can expect some changes. – Many of them are the result of the game sequence. as dead space 2, dead space 3 And official comics brought expanded concepts and new ideas, these elements too It will be used to reset more interesting and difficult.

EA Motive’s overall promise is that while its Dead Space will be very respectful and full of references to the original, it should Bring enough innovation that it doesn’t look like mere copy. With confirmed versions for this PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PrachaThe game hit the stores January 27, 2023.

The creators of the Callisto protocol aren't afraid of dead space comparisons

The creators of the Callisto protocol aren’t afraid of dead space comparisons
“The game wasn’t designed to be Dead Space 4,” he says


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