New achievements of the unannounced Goldeneye 007 are still unlocked

The player, who seems to be one of the developers, is approaching 1000g

It looks like the developers at Rare Continue the undeclared Goldeneye 007 game. I did not understand? “Wait”: In January, a list of achievements for the alleged Goldeneye 007 Xbox appeared on the True Achievements website. Now someone (or more than one person) playing this title Unlocked a new achievement, which further strengthens the existence of the new Goldeneye 007.

The Goldeneye 007 Achievements List in True Achievements shows game screenshots, the challenge name, what needs to be done, and how many people have unlocked the achievement. So far, 51 of the 55 achievements in the game have been blocked and about half by one person, the other half by two players.

Of the four achievements that are not open, one of them is ongoing. “Kill License” requires the player to kill 100 enemies in multiplayer and as the site shows, the player has already completed 32% of this challenge, ie killed 32 players.

A player named “BIGsheep” appears James Thomas, Who works at Rare, and started playing Goldeneye 007 in October last year. It’s hard to say whether the title will be the original Nintendo 64 now ported to the Xbox, or a remake for the Xbox 360 that was later canceled but is available online for anyone who wants to try it out.

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According to Videogames Chronicle sources, the new 007 will be announced in late February or early March. However, the war between Russia and Ukraine started at that time and because the game has a combat theme against Russia, the developers decided to postpone it.

The 007 Series turns 60 in 2022, and Goldeneye 007 is arguably the most important title in which James Bond is involved in the gaming industry. Another indication would be the registration of the Goldeneye trademark, which will be used as a “downloadable” video game program.

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Anyway, even if it’s the original Goldeneye 007 N64 port, with updated gameplay by today’s standards, it would be a very welcome release from the man who is the father of console FPS games and has left his mark on game history. Industry ..


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