Netflix announces new online games for subscribers

then Google Stadiagaming platform to close its activities, Netflix announced that it will expand its video game business. The streaming platform’s new offering is a larger portfolio of online games.

Netflix gaming platform

subscribers Netflix Can already access several free games Through the app, available for Android and iOS systems. However, to play, subscribers must install each game from the app store.

Considering that each game consumes the memory of the device, the company plans to store the games in the cloud, which will make it easier for players to access.

Currently, according to the company, subscribers can access a total of 35 games for free. However, in order to better serve its customers, the company is expanding its portfolio and is expected to release 55 more games on its platform soon.

It is important to note that the games have no cost and are ad-free. In addition, there are several types of games that can serve the entire audience of the platform. CNBC reports that currently only 1.7 million subscribers play daily.

Netflix is ​​rolling out a cheaper subscription plan

This Thursday (13), Netflix announced that it will release a cheaper package with ads. The new feature is called “with basic ads” and will be available to subscribers in early November.

This will be the cheapest plan offered by Netflix, costing only R$ 18.90 for those interested in watching content on the platform with ads. According to the company, in addition to ads, the package will have certain feature limitations, such as image quality that should be reduced, for example.

It is important to note that New subscription package Netflix will have only R$ 7 less than the current cheapest package on the platform. The cheapest plan currently costs R$25.90.

According to Netflix, the new plan will include 15-30 seconds of ads during watched shows, amounting to 4-5 minutes per hour of content.

Netflix plans

Starting November 3, Netflix will have the following plans:

  • Basic plan with ads – R$18.90 (no downloads, less content, 720p quality);
  • Basic plan – BRL 25.90 (download, 720p quality);
  • Standard plan – BRL 39.90 (download, 1080p quality);
  • Premium plan – BRL 55.90 (download, 4K+HDR quality).

Netflix CEO Greg Peters said the initiative aims to make streaming more accessible.

“With prices starting at R$18.90 per month, we’re confident that Netflix will have value and a plan for every fan.” This initiative is just getting started, but we are thrilled with the interest from both consumers and advertisers, and we are very excited about what lies ahead,” said Peter.


in particular Netflix It is a subscription streaming service that allows subscribers to watch commercial series and movies through Internet-connected devices.

In addition to watching on an internet-enabled platform, users can download their favorite movies and series to their iOS, Android, or Windows 10 devices to watch offline.

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