Netflix announces 3 more free games for the platform

Netflix has already entered the gaming world and is currently offering a variety of free games on its platform for smartphones, Android and iOS. Not many people know, but this feature is already available in Brazil and you can already enjoy these games here.

But the news this month is that the company has announced the arrival of 4 more options that promise customers more enjoyment. Three of the new games are already available, with a fourth coming out in late May. So with the advent of these games, Netflix is ​​already offering 22 free games on its platform and there is a tendency that this number will increase even more.

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New Netflix games for smartphones

The first of the company’s new games is Dragon Up, from developer East Side Games. It is published in more than 30 languages ​​and you will need to find rare and powerful dragons in it to save your kingdom as well as help it grow and develop. It is possible to improve the powers and abilities of dragons by using magic cards and medicines.

The second game is for those who love RPG. Moonlighter is a Spanish-born and fashion developer from 11 Bit Studios in more than 15 languages. In it you control the character Will, who is a simple young man by day, with ordinary deeds, but at night he becomes an aspiring hero. During the adventures, Will will have to face danger in the buttocks full of monsters and solve mysteries along the way.

Third is a creative style game that lets you build and manage anything less than a medieval city. Townsmen: A New Kingdom is a game created by German developer HandyGames. In it, in addition to creating a city, you will also have to make important decisions to maintain it, which are related to finances, education, health and fun for its residents. The goal is to make everyone happy!

The fourth game will hit the platform catalog only next Tuesday, May 31st. It will be Exploding Kittens – The Game, but will have a different version already found in app stores. The game will also be released on Netflix with two exclusive cards.

Recall that the streaming company will also release an animated series based on this game, but it will only be included in the platform catalog next year.

To access Netflix games, simply open the app on your Android or iOS smartphone and select the Games tab at the bottom. If it does not appear for you, make sure the app is up to date. By choosing a title you will be redirected to the Play Store or App Store to install the game and have fun.

Note that Netflix games can only be accessed through the streaming platform, even if you are directed to the stores of these apps. That is, those who are not subscribers will not have access to most of them. For those who already have a “free” version for everyone in the app stores, the difference is that Netflix usually offers the game in modified versions or with additional benefits.

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