Neowiz releases a new 12-minute game

Developer Neowiz Games has released an extensive gameplay trailer for Lies of P, which is almost 12 minutes long. The images detail the game’s entire combat system and show the complex exploration of the “factory area entrance” scenario.

New soulslike presented its story on the opening night of Gamescom last Tuesday (23). However, it was only today (24) that continuous gameplay was introduced, where it is possible to observe level design aesthetics similar to Bloodborne and various combat mechanics, including customization and style switching.

Check out the video below (via IGN):

Source: Neowiz Games

In Lies of P, Pinocchio combines knife attacks with projectiles. Rapiers, axes, saws, and other elaborate weapons appear as customization items that have their own menus in Stargazer to upgrade attributes and combine with other gadgets. Additionally, the hero can attach explosives, a flamethrower, and more to his left arm.

Lies of P is typical soul-like

Another important place is the customization menu. It can be observed that the weight system will be taken into account during the game. Left-hand weapons and gear will have their own characteristics and must be balanced to provide the best performance in combat, both during firefights and during crashes and recoveries.

Ad image spoof with customization menu
Neoviz games

Statuses in the game are guaranteed. Equipment will be based on attributes such as skill, attack effect – fire, lightning, etc. — and “status review”. This mechanic is similar to the standard spirit and determines the compatibility of the scale with the attributes of the hero.

Pinocchio the faces of mannequins P
Source: Neowiz Games

In addition, the game should require a quick reaction from the players. Cars of all styles and with different moves are scattered in the Gothic kingdom and will not lighten the bar of Pinocchio. For example, in the trailer, the character navigates dead ends and broken roads while encountering molotov cocktail throwers, mannequins, and a clown boss.

Lies of P will be released in 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

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