Need for Speed ​​​​Unbound will release a new street racing video

The game promises a lot of stakes and escaping from the police as the player dominates the city of Layshore.

After releasing a series of videos showing drift modes and other details of Need for Speed ​​Unbound, finally Electronic Arts published the details of traditional races in the game🇧🇷 This Monday (21) he shared New fragments of the game which shows how the main action of the game works.

As promised by the developer Criterion, a new game in the series The main goal is to be as stylish as possible.🇧🇷 This is evident in the way the game’s scenarios are built, offering several shortcuts, alternate paths, and ramps for players to show off their skills.

In a video that went viral, Also revealed are more details about the unique visual effects that Need for Speed ​​Unbound will bring🇧🇷 While these are especially evident in nighttime races, they also help set the game apart from other experiences of the same genre in daytime skirmishes.

Need for Speed ​​​​Unbound promises to return to the roots of the series

In Need for Speed ​​​​Unbound,Players will have to race against the clock and prove that they are better than their immediate competitors.🇧🇷 To make it more interesting, you will be able to bet against a specific opponent, earning a bigger amount by finishing the race ahead of him.

However, other street racers won’t be the only problems the player will have to face on their journey to dominate the Lakeshore City scene. A trained police force equipped with powerful vehicles is also on site.who will do everything to end his career prematurely.

Criterion promises this The game will have the most customization options and vehicles in the entire series, which will be unlocked as the player wins races and unlocks new challenges. With PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC versions confirmed, Need for Speed ​​Unbound will hit stores on December 2 this year.

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