NBA 2K23 warns that its servers will be shut down in 2024

2K Games also reserves the right to discontinue game modes without any notice.

Officially started this Friday (9), the basketball game NBA 2K23 Brings up a warning that shows this 2K Games has already planned the entire support calendar for the game. According to a notice in physical copies of the game, the publisher already has It is scheduled to shut down some of its servers by 2024 – reserves the right to do so as soon as it deems necessary.

Please note that NBA 2K23 online features will be available until December 31, 2024“, says the text accompanying the game. in it 2K also claims that “reserves the right to change or discontinue online features without noticeWhich of course your player base shouldn’t like.

The developer also advises players who are interested in knowing more details to follow the page with the status of NBA 2K23 servers. Among the elements that depend on them are game modes such as 2KTV, MyCareer, my league, MayparkO Online multiplayer with friends and Online leaguesalong with other options.

NBA 2K23 is now available for consoles and PC

NBA 2K23 continues the franchise’s success story by betting again on a He partnered with the legendary football player Michael Jordan. In addition to featuring the Chicago Bulls athlete on the cover of special editions, the game also marks a comeback. Jordan Challenge modein which players will have to Recreate 15 iconic moments from his career.

The game also promises several improvements to its gameplay systems as a result of the use of new artificial intelligence techniques. There is another news Return from MyPlayer modein which players will be able to create a virtual athlete and participate in the processes that From the NBA draft to winning over people who don’t trust your abilities in court.

The disclaimer that comes with the game isn’t surprising when you consider 2K’s experience. The company is known for unceremoniously shutting down old game servers. (which can even be picked up from digital stores), which happened in July of this year with four chapters of the WWE Fighting Series.

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