Nacon and Annapurna are announcing their events for July

A sample of the new Test Drive has been confirmed

June is the month when the gaming industry came together, usually through E3 for many years now and now with Summer Game Fest. While many developers present their news at this time of year, some studios like it Nacon and Annapurna InteractiveAnd others, preferring their events to be separate. The two companies scheduled the presentations on July 7 and 21, respectively.

Starting with Nacon, their Nacon Connect event will be broadcast via their YouTube channel on July 7th. In a tweetThe developer says: “Do not miss the next edition of our conference with game exhibits, exclusive gameplay and new accessories!”.

New Test Drive and Robocop are already a few of them confirmed by Nakon

Even without mentioning it, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown has already hinted Tweet, Which will be part of the Nakoni event. In addition, from the tweet image we see more of the Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Robocop, announced at last year’s Nacon Connect, and soul-like steampunk Steelrising, plus company peripherals.

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We know that the new name of the Test Drive franchise has been postponed to next year and the versions for the current generation of consoles (PS4 / Xbox One) have been canceled. Gollum has already revealed some gameplay and is scheduled to arrive on September 1st. And Steelrising has a date of September 8th. These are studio games, but we can also see the news.

Annapurna has Tramp, A famous cat game that arrives before the developer event. But it still has Open Roads, a game that focuses on the narrative and does not yet have a release date. Thirsty Suitor was introduced last year and will be celebrated “soon. In addition to the two titles, it has Skin Deep, FPS with a special theme and humor.

The publisher also has Neon White in its current catalog, which was just announced at yesterday’s Summer Game Fest presentation, but the game’s release is already scheduled for the 16th, the same day that Square celebrates the Final Fantasy VII anniversary (I just remember …).

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We’ll still have a lot of announcements over the next few days, so keep an eye out for Summer Game Festival coverage here.

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