MUX Switch: A feature that gives more performance to gaming notebooks

When buying a Gaming notebook, processor, video card, RAM, screen and other components finally become the focus of users’ attention. However, large manufacturers place part of the so-called MUX switchWhich can make a big difference to your game.

Found mostly in premium models, this little piece has gained more attention lately and makes cars more powerful. But is it really worth investing in a gaming laptop, sometimes more expensive, just because of the component?

Anatomy of a gaming notebook

First of all, the gaming notebook has two video cards. The first is the so-called iGPU, a well-known integrated graphics card. This graphics chip is built into the processor and although the new AMD and Intel models can run games at low quality, its main function is to play videos, movies, edit low complexity documents in apps like Word, Excel and also. Like surfing the web.

On the other hand, it is also strong dGPU, dedicated or discrete video card, in free translation. This card is already inserted into the motherboard and has its own workplace, that is, it is a much more powerful hardware for heavy tasks, such as games with high resolution and quality, rendering, audiovisual editing, etc.

Dedicated video cardSource: Windows Report/play

However, due to the portability of gaming notebooks, machines need to be dosed for their consumption and heating needs. The iGPU, integrated, consumes much less than the dGPU. Because of this, Nvidia and AMD have developed battery optimization solutions such as Nvidia Optimus This is AMD Switch Graphics.

Thus, in order to offer the gamer a balanced experience, notebooks “Switch” between iGPU and dGPU Depending on what the difficulty level will be displayed on the screen. However, while solving the battery problem, the car has another problem, this time while running. When the user opens the game, the dGPU will use it to reproduce the images, but before the final image comes to the screen, all this data goes to the iGPU and only then will it be seen by the player.

NVIDIA OptimusNVIDIA OptimusSource: Digital Trends/Reproduction

Ultimately, because of this long trajectory that the image takes to reach the screen, it can be observed that the final experience results in less performance, and this is where the MUX Switch comes into play.

What is a MUX Switch?

Acronym multiplexerThe MUX Switch is a physical part that is inserted between the processor and the video card. This switch, as the name suggests, can physically change and control where the image that leaves the dGPU goes. Basically, we’re talking sort of shortcutwhich instead of going through the iGPU first, the image goes directly to the screen.

MUX switchMUX switchSource: ASUS ROG/Disclosure

So the MUX Switch is a shortcut to get the video to the screen, giving the player more performance. According to ASUS ROG findings, it is possible Profit from 9% to 30% Performance with this part is enabled in several games, such as Rainbow Six Siege.

However, this shortcut causes Notebook consumes more energy And therefore offers the user a less useful battery. Thus, we return to the original scenario of this article. Unfortunately, nowadays you have to choose more autonomy from the socket or more performance from charging the laptop.

Can I install a MUX Switch on my notebook?

The part is soldered directly to the motherboard of the devices, which is why it is impossible to buy it separately and insert it into a notebook, especially if this function is downloaded as if it were software. However, users can enable or disable this setting in each manufacturer’s own applications, such as GPU Toggle, Hybrid Graphics, NVIDIA Optimus, or even in the mainboard BIOS.


Of course, since this is an additional piece in the notebook, the price of the device will increase, even superficially. So the age old question arises: should I pay more or choose a machine that includes a MUX Switch?

Although not mandatory for high performance, the Multiplexer is a very welcome feature if your goal is maximum performance in any scenario, especially gaming. But don’t forget, most profits are in the 10% range, which is not that noticeable to many.

Now, if your focus is on having a very bulky device, but you need to manage the battery by always having the device in your backpack or sometimes away from the socket, it’s worth thinking twice if this item will really make a difference. your day by day

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