Murder at Natria prison

Ara’lon, sylvar of Ardenweald, is a new hunter legendary card

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New extension Hearthstone, Assassination at Nathria CastleReleased on August 2, the sequel to Year of Hydra Snowstorm. To help Holmes, the famous murloc, solve the mystery of Sir Denatrius’ murder, The game is on EXCLUSIVELY REVEALS ONE OF THE 10 SUSPECTS NEW CARD FOR THE LEGENDARY HUNTER Aralon.

Sylvar of Ardenveld can be considered for the aggressive style of slow hunters, but it has an effect that can change the course of longer games: Aralon summons each sleeping wild seed. Three in total, these seeds gradually awaken over the next three turns, spawning minions that immediately affect the game.

This effect is strong against opponents who prefer to control the field during play, such as priests and some warrior archetypes. On the other hand, against more aggressive decks, Ara’lon should have a hard time finding a place: waiting a turn or three can be more than enough time for the opponent to end the duel.

Murder at Natria prison

Hearthstone’s Year of the Hydra, Murder at Castle Nathria’s second expansion brings a new set of 135 new cards, and for the first time, specific locations will be represented in the game through a new card type: Locations.

Players will be able to place them on the board and activate their effects whenever they see fit, focusing only on their one-turn cooldowns and their regressive stamina as weapons.

Additionally, the expansion also introduces a new keyword, Imbue. Cards that feature this mechanic will drink Lost Anima, Shadowlands’ soul currency, when an allied minion dies and evolve into stronger versions while in players’ hands.

A free-to-play game, Hearthstone is available for PC and Android and iOS devices. The Assassination of Natria Castle expansion is now available for pre-purchase here.

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