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MultiVersus = Warner’s Smash Bros?

One of the games I like to play the most among them is the simple Super Smash Bros. I’ve been addicted to the Nintendo series since it launched in 1999, and even though I don’t currently have a Switch, I’ve participated (until the pandemic hit and ended everything) in every possible championship here in the Florianopolis area.

So, as you can see, I like the competitive side crushing. While I understand the appeal of completely chaotic games full of items, the addictive thing for me is to enjoy 1v1 games (No items, just Fox, the final destination).

In recent years, companies have been trying to copy the formula for success crushing. was the title Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. While it was fun, it didn’t make much of a difference to the game. Maybe for its characters or mechanics – or maybe even for the simple graphics themselves. I can’t say what did not make the game on the wave of success crushing Another one that was inspired by the formula is Bruhlala Which, I don’t know the extent of its success, but Ubisoft and Blue Mammoth Games continue to support it to this day. Now is the time MultiVersus by WB Games and developed by Player First Games.


What is MultiVersus?

MultiVersusFor those who still don’t know, there is a fighting game with the same formula as crushing. It’s a fighting game, but “free”. You can move in any direction on the 2D plane and you don’t have to “look” directly at your opponent like a normal fighting game does. Commands are simple: attack button, special button, jump (and double jump) and dodge. These directional buttons trigger different movements for each character.

purpose within MultiVersus is to hit the opponent. As this happens, the damage percentage increases and your opponent goes further with your hit. You must force your opponent out of the scenario (in any direction) so that he loses a life. There are different strategies for each character, which doesn’t mean you always have to hit a high percentage to win – there are moves like “slash”, which is a powerful downward attack that can be used when your opponent tries to fight back. For example, deer. There are also attacks that play higher and so on. It’s all something you learn by playing your character and understanding what he does – the same goes for the characters you face.


What’s the difference with Smash Bros?

Although very similar MultiVersus has some notable differences. The first is pretty obvious: MultiVersus It’s free to play. Despite being in beta mode, the title will always be free and progress made today will be kept forever.

Another noticeable difference is MultiVersus Created online with netcode on return while online crushing This is just one of many ways. Super Smash Bros. final has netcode with lag and I don’t want to say anything without playing online a lot, but the most I hear from my friends is that “online SSBU It’s not good”.

Other than those two points, obviously every character is different and unique, but you’ll notice things like, “Look, this attack from Wonder Woman reminds me of this one from Zero Suit Samus.” but in general MultiVersus It is quite unique in this respect.

As for mechanics, there are no Smash Attacks, but there is something similar that is also loaded. In addition, the general idea crushing Getting back into the arena means using +B once and jumping – with some exceptions like more jumping (Kirby, Riddle, etc.) or more attacks like +B side (Fox, Banjo-). Kazui, etc.) ), for example. MultiVersus follows the general rule (regardless of character) that you can make any two special attacks (equivalent to B crushing), two dodges and two air jumps (including the one that lifted him off the ground) before landing. When you try to do something that has already reached the limit, you hear a kind of horn.

The physics of MultiVersus It is also quite different from that crushing Additionally, characters have passive abilities that need to be understood. Another notable difference is that you can stand on walls like in X Mega Man X (climbing is identical).

What I mean by all this is having experience crushing This will really help you understand how MultiVersus works. If you’ve never played crushing, don’t despair: the basics of the game are very easy to understand. What will take time is to understand what the characters are doing (this also applies to those who play crushing(although the process is simpler) and things that are already common for players of Nintendo titles: how to behave in the air, knowing when to punish, mechanics that prevent the opponent from returning to the arena, etc.


1 x 1

1×1 of MultiVersus For me, it is what I enjoyed and benefited from the most. Since this is a game designed for competitors, there is no element in the scenario, it is a duel that is very focused on only two characters. who likes crushing 1×1 MultiVersus 1×1 is a great choice. It’s just a habit.

Watch the video above at the designated time to see us play.

2 x 2

And finally, we come to 2×2. In theory, 2×2 is meant to be the main mode MultiVersus. But this is the saddest thing for me. Since the PSN trophy requires 500 battles with a partner, and I think it’s around 300, I think I’ve played enough to say that the mode has put me down quite a bit. And for one simple reason: balance.

crushing It was not born as a competitive game. In the more than 20 years that Nintendo’s title has been on the market, its competitive rules have been created by the community, such as allowed scenarios, no items, and, in the case of 2v2, something crucial: Friendly Fire On. That is, you can’t get out by pressing the button like crazy, because you can hit your own partner. It is necessary to attack consciously, directed towards the opponents.

And guess what? MultiVersus Has Friendly Fire Off. Because of this, several strategies have already been discovered that almost break the game. For example, if you use Tom & Jerry (both are single characters) who focus on projectiles and partner with Iron Giant who is a huge fighter with armor priorities, it basically becomes a boring fight and laughable. because? Because Tom will fill the arena with shells and when you try to punish the giant’s attack, the shell will stop you. And vice versa: Tom cannot be punished on the head of a giant. And that’s just an example, and I haven’t even covered the one that’s being cried over the most online: Taz.

If you browse any section on the Internet MultiVersus, you’ll see a (fair) cry for the cursed Tasmanian devil. The character has a special+ side which is his storm. It is very difficult to punish him once started, especially with his partner. Even when the attack is used repeatedly and weakens after a few uses, it still remains powerful, almost impossible to counter and an easy kill to use. It wasn’t hard to find duos that used two Taz and both just did the move continuously (but the real power is using the Taz with a different type of partner).

Co-founder of Player First Games (developer MultiVersus), Tony Huynh, said on his Twitter That Taz is “nervous” about the update coming today (26) with LeBron James. So, I’m not going to be too much on the Taz key, but know that it’s something someone will take seriously.

However, Friendly Fire On would be a very welcome solution MultiVersus Will never get it because there are mechanics designed for 2×2 mode. Character-specific moves affect your partner (for example, Wonder Woman’s whip that damages an opponent can bring your partner closer). I’m not a designer, so I don’t know what to do to improve the situation, but something I’m testing is activating Friendly Fire and allowing certain moves to affect your partner not to him, but to the desired effect. To me, in my opinion, this is a simple solution that would change the game a lot, but make it less frustrating with this army of Taz, Iron Giant, and Tom and Jerry that we’re seeing.


Final thoughts

MultiVersus It’s fun, and since it’s in beta, there’s a lot to do. I really enjoyed the game and would easily recommend it to anyone who likes it crushing, especially in 1×1. If you don’t like it, I think it’s hard to change your mind. If you don’t know, it’s worth a try.

That being said, 2v2 is pretty frustrating, it seems like you need to stick to some broken strategies to win. I really hope they improve his balance, because at the moment it’s a mode that if I didn’t have the 500-game trophy I’d leave it.

I didn’t mention it, but it is possible to play locally. It’s also every man for himself online and you can play against bots in any situation.

Monetization of the title is very friendly for those who don’t want to spend anything. Characters can be purchased with in-game money (“farm” isn’t that high), and their perks are unlocked through gameplay. So far, the only paid things are skins, narrator voices, and the Battle Pass (this has a free version as well).

As far as bugs go, there is a problem with the main menu MultiVersus I even prepared a news story where I explained how it should be resolved. The first time, I ended up deleting the save, thinking my progress would be saved online. And indeed it is, but the trophy is stored locally and I lost everything. It was quite frustrating when the problem recurred, but luckily leaving the game in the menu was a viable solution – until a patch fixes it, of course.

Ultimately, it’s too early to tell, but this type of game will only survive if we see support for it. With LeBron James arriving today (26) and Rick and Morty in August, it looks like support will be good. But I hope there will be a new character every month. If it takes a long time to get more, its popularity may drop significantly – not counting balance adjustments, of course.

Impressions of the beta test via the Founder’s Code provided by WB Games.

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