Multiplayer is revealed along with DMZ and more

During Thursday’s Call of Duty showcase, Activision revealed the multiplayer and Warzone 2 gameplay elements of Modern Warfare II. Combat and cooperative and competitive actions.

MWII Multiplayer is coming nWater physics roe, repositioning, slider FOV improvements and diving system using underwater secondary weapons. In addition, watercraft and other tactical approaches will be available along the rivers.

Source: Activision

According to the developers, multiplayer was developed based on three game strategies: rushers, sentinels and stalkers. They provide more speed or coverage through all-new movement mechanics, including winking, using vertical ropes, and swiping.

Modern Warfare II will be more tactical

Many tactical elements are also confirmed in Modern Warfare II. Innovations include infrared security cameras, an awesome baton, drills, a DDoS spy car and an inflatable decoy – a human airbag to distract enemies. In total, this system can be combined with 13 field upgrades.

Another news is the updated Gunsmith. The feature will feature new enhancements and a revamped progression system where operators create their own playstyle regardless of the weapon selected by switching receivers. Thus, attachments are available for switching and sharing between platforms.

Fast, large-scale maps

Activision has revealed details about Modern Warfare II’s Sariff Bay and Mercado Las Almas maps, which target 32v32 and 6v6 matchups respectively. Like Brinberg Hotel and Valdera Museum, Las Almas focuses on fast and furious matches, while the larger region offers rivers, verticality and large open spaces of land.

Las Almas Market in Modern Warfare ii
Source: Activision

These scenarios can be explored in DMZ, Invasion (with tactical AI) and Domination and Search and Destroy (non-AI, 6v6) modes. However, the highlight is the return of Special Ops, which will bring two-player missions with an asymmetrical design, where one member is support and the other is a field agent. Fans will be able to experience them in third or first person.

Watch the trailer below:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II launches on October 28 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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