Most PCIe 4.0 SSDs should support DirectStorage

The company is already preparing a software update that will ensure good performance in games that support the technology.

While DirectStorage technology is already a common topic among tech and gaming watchers, it has yet to make its debut on PC – leaving many with their doubts. To mitigate this, SSD controller manufacturer Phison has gone public to clarify this Most PCIe 4.0 models on the market should support the technology without any restrictions.

According to the manufacturer, the E18 controller, featured in most PCIe 4.0 SDDs already on the market, offers “Exceptional performance that exceeds Microsoft’s recommendations for DirectStorage“. The company is already preparing a firmware update Which should ensure that the hardware behaves even more efficiently with the arrival of the new feature.

Fison explains that he New I/O+ technology enhances the E18 by reducing block-level read corruption (BLDR, its acronym in English). “The technology allows game developers to create more detailed scenarios in next-generation games that require guaranteed speeds.“, the company says.

DirectStorage is set to debut on PC in 2023

The SSD controller update should be freely available to the public in the near future, but Its manufacturers have already started to distribute. Phison’s intention is that this initial step will enable its partners Confirm the changes madeTo ensure that there are no unexpected problems during operation.

The update prepared by the company should also ensure the presence of storage components Prepared for continuous read requests that accompany the debut of DirectStorage. As the components will have reduced downtime during the performance of the games, it is necessary to make changes that guarantee that the technical operations will continue properly.

It’s also worth noting that the SSD manufacturer should release a firmware update that adds optimized DirectStorage support.

Although it’s been available to developers for a few months now, the technology, which optimizes asset load and reduces CPU-only load It will make its official debut on PC in 2023. The first big-budget game to take advantage of this should be Square Enix’s Forspoken, whose debut has been delayed. January 24 In a statement shared by the developer in July of this year.

Epic Games confirms that Unreal Engine 5 will support DirectStorage

Epic Games confirms that Unreal Engine 5 will support DirectStorage
The technology should bring several benefits to loading virtual textures using the Nanite system


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