More will clear the six-run deficit in the ninth to defeat the elephant

More will clear the six-run deficit in the ninth to defeat the elephant

Philadelphia – The Metz eliminated a six-run deficit with seven mileage in the ninth innings, finishing the rally with a Starling Marte tiebreaker and defeating the stunning Philadelphia Phillies, 8-7, on Thursday night.

When the Metz fell 7-1, Marte played a game in the field against James Norwood and scored a double by Francisco Lindor’s double. Mark Kanham added the RBI infield single, which defeated pitcher Corey Knell, while Jay Davis stepped up the RBI double for NL East leader Metz Rally.

Metz 8, Phyllis 7 | Box Score | Play-by-Play

Brandon Nimo joined the connecting, double single in the center of the knob. He came to score when Marte dropped a double against a wall in the center pitch.

This is the first time the Mets have dropped at least six miles in the ninth and won since September 13, 1997, when Carl Everett won the Grand Slam by 2 outs in the ninth and the Mets defeated them at the Montreal Expos. Additional inning.

Bryce Harper and Nick Castellanos competed in the fillet, while Aaron Nola held seven sharp innings. The tiles lost five to six.

Boston – Shohei Ohtani has left his mark on Fanway Park with the best two-way performance, after Babe Ruth himself.

Arranged on a historic pitch for the first time, Ohtani struck 11 of seven locked innings and added two blows – one of them traveling at 109 mph, which struck the green monster so hard that it struck his number. 17 pitchers from the slot on the guide board.

Angels 8, Red Sox 0 | Box Score | Play-by-Play

“I hope you do not start by yourself. “It’s like an old hat,” said Angels manager Joe Madonna. “It’s just unusual. This is another world, at this level of this game. “

The show came in Los Angeles’s 8-0 win over Boston on Thursday, which included five mileage, eighth innings on the ball field, where Ruth made her debut in 1914 and played six seasons before Red Sox sold her to the Yankees.

In the fourth, Ohtani hit a 389-foot-long single that was about one foot away from running home. In the eighth, he left the wall of the left pitch to drive with one mileage, then scored a goal when the Angels turned the game into a 2-0 game.

Ohtani (3-2) also made 29 swings and avoided the Boston Batteries – a career record and most for any pitcher this year. He hit 81 of his 99 pitches for a shot, which was also a career record.

“This is one of my favorite balls,” said Ohtani, who has beaten Fenway by two home runs in 10 games.302. “I was looking forward to coming out here.”

Ohtan’s start was delayed by two days due to a hamstring strain and occurred about 14 hours after the Angels scored six goals in the 10th innings and defeated the Red Sox 10-5. As the appointed player in this competition, Ohtan went ninth and passed in the 10th and scored.

“To be honest, I was quite tired,” he said. “My body was quite tired. I tried to go to bed as early as possible and get enough sleep and rest. I think I could do it. “

Ohthan was the first pitcher in Fenway to hit the top four in the row after Ruth, who was the Red Sox janitor on September 20, 1919 in the first match of the two-legged match.

In the fourth innings, Ohthan coincided with another Red Sox Hall of Fame and became the first starting pitcher to record a hit on Fanway after Roger Clemens in 1996. Ohthan and Clemens are the only starting pitchers to record hits in the Fenway-era hitter era.

Box points and summaries for the rest of the action on Thursday.

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