More than 500 people are involved in the Starfield project

The team claims it is necessary to develop a world with more than a thousand planets

Former Bethesda employee Nate Perkepil revealed in an interview with PCGames that Starfield development has reached over 500 people. The title is one of the most ambitious projects of Bethesda Game Studios and will be released in the second half of next year.

Although no longer with the company, Purkeypile has been involved in the development of great games for 14 years in various roles. These include Fallout 76, Fallout 4, Skyrim, Fallout 3 DLC: Point Lookout, and more.

“The scale of this project is the main difference. Because you know, Fall out 3, Skyrim, Fallout 4 was one team, two at the most. We had a little help from Montreal, but mostly the Austin and Maryland studios worked together. Starfield is a much bigger project. There are 500 people .Fallout 76 was 200 max.

This crowd of people working with the game will bring to life one of the most complete environments ever seen in the gaming industry. Bethesda’s goal is for Starfield to have an open world with over a thousand planets, each of which can be explored.

Nate Purkeypile revealed that one of Bethesda’s biggest challenges is getting this ambitious project to the desired scale in detail and quality. Mainly because it’s a whole new world.

“Not everything is decided about how everything looks. How do we put things together? What colors do we use? What are the materials? How do we create a difference between these zones? It’s much more difficult than creating any other sequence,” he said.

Many contents require more time to develop

Starfield is expected to come to players in late 2022. However, Bethesda had to postpone the game’s release by a few months, leaving a new date for the middle of next year to be presented to the public, who are eagerly awaiting the game.

Bethesda has yet to announce an official release date for the title, but that’s the price you pay for such an ambitious project. It is expected to be one of the greatest space adventures in gaming history.

In addition to the thousands of planets available to explore, players will also be able to play the main campaign to beat the game and achieve the main objective. This requires an investment of around 30 to 40 hours of gameplay just in the first Starfield story.

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The modding community organizes Starfield bug fixes even before the game is released
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