More can fail in the face of angels without Pete Alonso

San Diego – The Mets topped the assortment of categories through Wednesday, including runs (299), shots (525), base percentage (.334) and goose averages (.263).

Because of their concerns, they also led the majors into a much more painful category: shot batsmen. And as manager Buck Showalter bitterly assessed before their series ended in a 13-2 loss to Padre in San Diego on Wednesday, “we have extended our lead.”

The Mets, who hold the record for the best league in the national team despite losing two of three to Padre, are welcoming Thursday through a lonely holiday via Southern California with a 10-game, 11-day game. Among the main reasons is the recovery day of the first Basisman, Pete Alonso (bruised right hand) and Starling Marte (left quadriceps pain) in the suburbs, who hope to avoid the injured list but remain daily ahead of the weekend series. Spiral Los Angeles Angels.

In the case of Alonso, extra time may be guaranteed. The National League leader in games, home racing and the RBI said ahead of Wednesday’s game that he hoped to avoid repeating the mistakes he had made in the past when trying to resolve such an injury. Even if Alonso is out, he will work out this weekend. Continuous study in baseball oddities. The Mets continue to lose key players – Alonso, Jacob Degrom, Max Scherzer – but accumulate winnings. The Angels, despite the presence of the game’s two most sensational players, Shohei Ohtan and Mike Trout, are losing by record proportions.

On Tuesday, when the Angels were buried in a 12-game losing streak, the club fired manager Joe Madonna. Led by Phil Nevin, the team’s interim manager, the Angels immediately lost their 13th game in a row, marking the franchise with the longest losing streak in a single season. Trout left the game with a hamstring injury.

Trout, which is considered a daily occurrence, lost 1-0 to Boston on Wednesday, bringing their losing streak to 14 games.

The contrast between the franchises is extreme, with the Mets enhancing their stamina and proving the value of an expensive roster built on stellar power but also depth.

“I think you have to have a lot of respect not only for the team, but also for Billy Epler, for how he built the list,” Metz winger Mark Kana said of the club’s first-year general manager, who was one of them. Many executives who tried to support the angels. “We feel we are incredibly deep and we can hope that any of our guys will come in and do a good deed.”

Appler, who spoke to Showalter about his job as an angel manager in 2019, has fought five seasons in Anaheim, despite numerous marketing talents. In his first winter in Queens, he immediately tried to correct the weakness of his new team, landed in Kanha and landed in Eduardo Escobar a pair of versatile players who can kick and play in several positions. The Mets signed these two, Marte and Scherzer, in the November frenzy, before a major league baseball lockout.

In March, Epler went deeper into the pitcher trade with Chris Bassett, all-star Auckland 2021. This deal seemed almost superfluous at the time, with Scherzer and Degrom at the helm of the team’s rotation, but now it seems prophetic as the Mets had at least one ace healthy throughout the season.

These steps – the owner of the team, Stephen A. Cohen, an almost unlimited salary luxury – helped fill the void left by the injury and prevented further prolonged falls.

A few games against the failed Angels could help wash away the unpleasant flavors left over from the Padres series for the Mets, who were greatly strengthened on Wednesday when imaging tests revealed no Alonso fractures or fractures. He left Tuesday’s game in the second innings when Yu Darwish’s 96-mile car with a checked swing penetrated the fleshy area above his pink.

Alonso, whose absence ended a 151-game winning streak on Wednesday, has hit the pitch seven times this season. Metz has hit 40 times overall, six times more than the Baltimore Orioles and more than seven against the Seattle Mariners. No other team has shot a player 30 times this season.

“There is no message around the league that struck the Mets,” said Joe Musgrove, a San Diego performer who did not challenge them this week. You have to understand as pitchers, our task is to control the zone on both sides of the plate. How good this composition is, you have to throw it inside. “If you are afraid that I will hit someone, or he will get angry, or I will get fired, it will not work.”

But no matter how often he hit Alonso, the injury became inevitable.

Kanham said he recently told Jeremy Barnes, the team’s striking assistant coach, that every time Alonso hits “and I see the ball go up, I’m mad because I’m afraid of him because I know they’re trying to get in. His kitchen. “But it’s just awful because he was not only hit, he was hit in the head.”

Alonso was one of three to be knocked out by Darwish.

“I’ve never seen so many people get curved balls in their legs,” Showalter said. “I’m not talking only about grazing. I’m talking about smoking. I’m sure someone can come up with a reason. But, unfortunately, we also had a lot.

From his own experience – he said he broke his left hand three times – Alonso is going to show patience. He said the bruise is reminiscent of a right-handed stretch he tried last year before finally making it to the injured list in May. He said he was a “shell” of himself at the time and did not want to get to that point.

“We have a chance to do something special and I want to do my best,” Alonso said. “And if I come out feeling bad, I’m not going to do justice to this team because these guys work hard and I do not want to be a weak link in the chain. ”

So the Metz will be on the ice – in more than one way – for the Thursday weekend. And while Alonso and Marte are working on healing while right-back Taylor Magill prepares to leave the injured list and start the game on Friday night, Showalter said he will likely spend Thursday visiting members of the Metz Scout Department as they hold meetings in the West Coast. In preparation for next month’s amateur draft. The Mets own five of the top 100 picks and the Apple administration will have a chance to set a long-term course.

Showalter said he thought he would “go and hang my head there” and see what was happening.

“Just to have a goldfish with them. “Goldfish and peanuts, and go home,” he said.

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