Mom takes her son to a game show for the first time: “It’s special to share this moment” – entertainment

The return of the Brazilian game show after the pandemic brought together several members of the geek and nerd community at the Expo Center Norte in Sao Paulo, St. opening day The largest conference of the segment in Latin America. But it was also the first time for many smaller players who didn’t have the opportunity to go to previous editions.

Like the case of Pedro, 9 years old. According to his mother, 42-year-old Juliana, he got into the habit of playing during the pandemic. “The youngest were introduced to the world of gamers during the pandemic. It’s important for them to have this moment to enjoy themselves, to be a child in a different way,” he said.

“Today he gets to go to a private exhibition and meet some of the YouTubers he follows. It’s very special to share this moment,” he said.

Little Pedro also proves his experience. “I came here to meet influencers, play a lot and have fun,” he said. “Play it FIFA 23 Together with my mother, we won 4-0,” said the boy.

25-year-old Alison from Sao Paulo was also there for the first time. “I left home today wanting to see the Playsation stand, but the Hyper X store also caught my eye,” he said.

Newcomers Monica Mochi, 25, and Rachel Gasai, 21, celebrated being able to go to BGS for the first time and take part in cosplay competitions dressed as characters from the game. Genshin influence.

“We are from Rio de Janeiro and in previous years we have been in the testing season when the conference was held. We are excited to enjoy the exhibition,” said Rachel. “Our expectations are high for the other days,” Monica concluded.

Due to the break between editions, even veterans of the event tried to return to the Brazilian game show. As did cosplayer Andrezza, who dressed as the character Street Fighter, Chun-Li. “I arrived in 2018 and 2019. I was looking forward to this comeback and people are very excited,” he said.

Another frequent visitor to BGS, 19-year-old Gustavo, eagerly browsed the stands of the main game developers. “I’m so happy to be back. But I miss the Xbox booth,” he said.

* Trainee St R7 Text edited by Leandro López


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