‘Modern Warfare 2’ promises a huge variety of unlockables

In fact, after giving the public a first look at the gameplay and scenes At the end Trailer this year”Modern Warfare 2“, Activision is now investing in the idea of ​​encouraging players to enter the campaign mode game, including some significant multiplayer rewards that can be collected by playing the single-player campaign. These include operators, experience points boosts, unique calling cards and weapon blueprints.

Also, it’s worth noting that the recently added feature might not appeal to some players, but true “Call of Duty” fans will definitely enjoy unlocking the campaign. Therefore, according to IGN, this new feature really makes players experience Modern Warfare 2’s campaign mode, which offers 17 different unlockables.

It’s also important to remember that those who pre-order the game will get about a week’s worth of early access, though Activision hasn’t made it very clear when the mode will actually launch. This means that those who purchased in advance game will have a one-week attack to complete the game, which translates into ready-made perks when multiplayer launches, giving those players an edge over their Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer opponents.

In this way, game prizes are won in a “split” way as players progress through the main narrative. Those who complete the full campaign will receive the best reward in the game, namely Captain Price’s famous signature weapon, the Union Guard.

The move seems to be in line with the idea that Activision is trying to get players to complete the “Modern Warfare 2” campaign. Due to such a move, the entire “Call of Duty” franchise is known for conveying narratives of world performances, which first-person games are not so recognized. However, campaigns are often the last reason players buy it game.

In short, it is important to understand that no one knows until now whether the unlocks mentioned by the company will be exclusively available playthrough campaign or if they somehow intend to migrate to a microtransaction store.

Thus, “Modern Warfare 2” is scheduled to be released on October 28, but players are already wary of the game’s release due to the DDoS attacks that plagued “Overwatch 2,” in addition to growing concerns about balance and audio steps. which were previously a source of complaint.

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