Moder turns all the enemies in the Eldan Ring into the melancholy boss

Let, called Malenia Ring, take the difficulty of the game to another level

The Elden Ring is a new software hit. In a massive open world, full of memorable bosses, Malenia Blade of Miquella is known for its design, fame and the fact that the boss is considered the most difficult boss in the game. Thinking of creating something “fun”, Shrubby flow Used to come to a game that In the game, all the enemies are turned into melancholy.

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Many players point out that Malenya is probably the toughest boss in the Souls series. A statement that I can agree with until Sekiro is included in this equation. So the idea is still crazy, but the result is something scary and extremely unusual. In the video below you follow gThe best moments of the drawn bush for the attempt to defeat the “Malenia Ring”.

The Elden Ring item and enemy randomization mode are free to download from Nexus mods. Within the game, the “Malenias” attributes are arranged according to the same level of natural progression of the game. That is, not all of them have the same HP or damage as the Malenia Blade of Miquella that the player naturally encounters in Haligtree. Technically, they follow natural progress, according to the areas of play. Which is good, but still insane. Especially when you enter a place where you have to find 5 common enemies, but they are all back to Malenia.

Another detail is that the suffixes of the chiefs are clearly separated from the names. In particular, Malenia is given the attribute of the original boss of the place, which creates various strange names, such as: Malenia of Godrick, Malenia Sentinel, Tibia Malenia, Malenia the Grafted, Malenia Queen of Full Moon, etc.

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Is it a full moon?

If you’ve played the Elden Ring and you remember Rennala on a full moon, you must be wondering what this version of Boss looks like – which you can see in the 22nd minute of the video. While there are no children summoned by Renala (Fu, imagine 30 melenias in the same scenario), the moderator defines two phases of melania as one enemy. Thus, during the transitional stage between the 1st and 2nd stages of the boss, you have to meet the two stages of malaria.

The same goes for the final boss of the original game, which is Radagon of Golden Order + Elden Beast. In this case, Streamer needed to defeat Phase 1 and 2 of the Golden Order Malenya + to complete Phase 1 and 2 of Elden Malenia. Do you understand suffering? Streamer, who is certainly an experienced player in the Eldan Ring, It took 7 hours and 13 minutes to complete the game – You will obviously skip the non-binding content and follow only the equipment needed for construction.

Some interesting details of the mileage: The Godskin Duo boss becomes just a melancholy, the reason is probably because the game defines two bosses as a unit that shares the same HP lane – thankfully for Streamer. The toughest boss was Fire Malenia (Fire Giant in the original version) as it is the boss who has the giant HP bar where it took him 28 attempts to defeat him.

Ultimately, the result is a gameplay that is fun to watch and anyone who feels particularly good at the game can try it out freely.

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