Modders brought AMD FSR 2.0 features to Metro Exodus, Guardians of the Galaxy, Control and other games

The mod created for Cyberpunk 2077 has inspired projects aimed at the most diverse styles of games

A mod release that brought Unofficial AMD FSR 2.0 support for Cyberpunk 2077 It inspired many gamers to adapt it to other games that were originally only compatible with NVIDIA’s DLSS. then Red Dead Redemption 2 receive similar treatment, Sites like Nexus Mods Filled with solutions that promise Improve the performance of titles like Metro Exodus, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Control.

The PC Gamer website has tested some community-made solutions aimed at The main goal is to improve the performance of modded games. While DLSS has emerged as a solution to all of these, the fact that the technology depends on RTX card performance has proven to be a major limiting factor – Which is not the case with FSR 2.0.

The result seems to be that games run slightly smoother than the original launch, but generally deliver the performance improvements we wanted due to a few fidelity issues.“, the site says. in the conducted tests, Only the control yielded negative resultsWith pixelated and colorful graphics Performance issues when ray tracing features were enabled.

Mods are not officially supported by AMD

Despite some occasional problems, Mods based on FSR 2.0 have proven successful in improving the performance of many games. According to PotatoOfDoom, creator of the Cyberpunk 2077 mod that inspired all the projects produced, its creation should only be considered a “proof of concept” and still. has a number of errors which should be corrected.

The lack of official support from AMD did not prevent the solution from spreading quickly, and already There are reports of it being used in titles like Call of Duty: Warzone and Death Stranding. However, PC Gamer claims that using the mod can cause problems in online games that introduce unexpected artifacts.

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According to AMD, Developers who have already implemented DLSS as a high-level solution should “Very little work” to bring FSR 2.0 to its titles. The company’s technology is distributed as open source to any interested developer, and also has plugins that facilitate its implementation in developed projects. Unreal Engine 4 and 5.


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Source: PC Gamer


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