Modder refuses to fix Sonic Origins, saying the game is in a terrible state

The BetterOrigins project was abandoned due to a lack of options to fix the game

One of the creators of the BetterOrigins project, a modder known as Xanman, announced this week that andCompletely abandons the project. According to him, there is an attempt to correct his mistakes Sonic Origins blocked A game-breaking stateAnd that will take a lot of work to fix.

Hey, that’s why we decided to stop the development of this project“- announced the moder. “After really digging into the game files it became very clear that this game is complete b****“. He states that there is a chance that the mod will be updated at some point, but this The current state of the game does not cause much desire to continue working on it.

We’ve fixed enough to make the game a bit more productive, but really, especially without scripts, there’s not much we can “fix” without redoing the sprites.” continues Xanman’s posting message. The problems with Sonic Origins stem from the fact that instead of emulating the original games in the series, SEGA decided to restore them for current hardware.

The collection has been criticized for errors and inaccuracies

officially launched on June 23, Sonic Origins has been heavily criticized for several bugs and animation issues which were not in the original games. In addition, many criticized the decision of the developers A completely different soundtrack – the fruit of the desire to solve the series from the singer Michael Jackson.

The game currently has an average critical score ranging from 73 to 78 on Metacritic, an opinion that is not supported by the community. On Steam, the game has reviews considered neutral and Criticisms ranged from the inability to remap controls to Denuvo’s use as anti-piracy software.The solution is known to reduce the performance of games.

– Continues after commercial –

Backers of Sonic Origins claim that it It does a good job of collecting older titles in the series, though quite expensive to offer. with additions PrachaThe game also has versions PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.


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