Modder fixes frame time issue in unlocked FromSoftware PS4 games

Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, Sekiro and Elden Ring were the games that were fixed

FromSoftware games have never been masters of optimization, especially on the last generation of base consoles. Bloodborne is a great example. On PS4 the game has very problematic performance and it shows The solution to this problem was simpleAccording to A A mod that patched the developer’s games, but only for the unlocked PS4.

A modder known as “Illusion” has fixed inconsistent frame rates and frame times in Bloodborne. The same was done in Dark Souls 3, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Elden Ring, but, remember, only for PlayStation 4 unlocked with firmware version 9.00 or lower.

After much research and work on the problem, Illusia believes that the inconsistency in the framework of FromSoftware games on PS4 is due to different APIs on different platforms, and the developer was wrong in this regard with the PS4 ports.

Video shows what Bloodborne remaster will look like for PS5 and PC in 4K and 60 FPS

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The problem is not only on the Sony console, but also on the Xbox One (and Xbox One X). The mod shows that Dark Souls running on Xbox One in compatibility mode performs worse than what Xbox 360 delivers.

“Voila! With just a few lines of code, we’ve got a consistent 30 frames per second! Killing two bugs with one stone,” says modder illusion.

The games run “smooth”, but at a price to pay

Digital Foundry has tested with a patch created by a modder. They show that the biggest change is to the frame time that was fixed in the patch, and will eliminate the confusion caused by this problem in FromSoftware games.

Dropping below 30fps still happens, but only when the GPU doesn’t have enough power for some scenes, not because of inconsistent frame times. Digital Foundry says these illusion-optimized versions of the games should be “a must-play experience” from the get-go.

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However, Digital Foundry has noticed an increase in input lag in the aforementioned games at times. For example, Bloodborne responded 78 ms slower than the original version of the game available for everyone.

While they are beloved games for many, FromSoftware needs to learn to deliver less problematic games when it comes to optimization, it’s almost unanimous.


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