Mobile version of World of Warcraft on the way? Check it out!

After recently releasing the game “Overwatch 2”, Activision Blizzard A new update has been made in connection with the pre-release of its upcoming “World of Warcraft Dragonflight” expansion, which has introduced several changes game.

However, this will not be the only news that has come about the “Warcraft” franchise, because it seems that the company’s mobile project, which was previously canceled, is still in development, even if behind closed doors, according to the information leak that it was. identified.

According to a post found on Reddit by GamingLeaksAndRumors, the biggest leaks and rumors in the gaming industry. gamesBlizzard continues to search for a technical artist pipeline Boss/Chief, at which point he mentions the unannounced Warcraft mobile project.

The news comes three months after Activision Blizzard and NetEase Inc. Canceled the game after a three-year development period due to some funding issues with the project. But now it looks like Blizzard’s development will continue game.

this project mobile Unannounced by the Warcraft company, it doesn’t seem like it’s actually related to the mobile game mentioned in the past, but instead is a separate title that should be similar will spin From Blizzard’s 2004 “World of Warcraft” franchise.

The title was originally planned to launch in the same universe, but in a slightly different time than the current games. At the same time, according to the data provided by the company, the expansion called “Dragonflight” is expected to launch in about a month.

A Blizzard spokesperson put an end to some old rumors about ABK and NetEase’s funding disputes when he said that the relationship the two companies have been promoting is very successful and that all the initial rumors were not true in the first place.

Without intending to cast doubt on the credibility of this statement, Activision Blizzard’s past experience has taught us that their spokespersons are not always telling the truth. Some canceled projects are common in this industry games And they are always left by different studios.

However, we can say that this will not necessarily be a bad thing, because the developed assets often become a completely separate game title or even a new sequel, such as, for example, Zelda’s “Breath of the Wild”, which. Originally started as DLC.

What’s more, our retired Overwatch is entering the same realm as the project that resulted in the cancellation of Blizzard’s title in 2013. However, initial reports suggest that NetEase has disbanded its team of over a hundred members. , who are currently present. Work on the game mobile From “World of Warcraft”.

Only a few of these professionals were hired by the company, as the rest were eventually sent away. As many already know, China has a huge market for mobile gamers, reaching over 600 million players. So, canceling a project related to the world-famous “World of Warcraft” franchise would definitely not be a good option.

Now, on the other hand, the state of gaming in China, at least from a Western perspective, is going to be a bit depressing because the government actually dictates how much time you can spend gaming each day.

Additionally, children cannot access any game without parental consent and identification. This is accomplished due to an even more guaranteed implementation Software Facial recognition that prevents young people from abusing parental authority.

Finally, we can say that we are swimming in shallow and somewhat uncharted waters here. Blizzard and NetEase have been collaborating since 2008, and their relationship has grown to allow them to develop games together. However, it becomes questionable whether the aforementioned mobile game of the franchise has actually been canceled or not.

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