Mobile RPG Relic Hunters: Rebels is the news of the week in the Netflix Games catalog

Relic Hunters: Rebels This is Action RPG Franchise Relic hunters And was the first title created by a Brazilian company for mobile devices Fraudulent SnailWith its release, Netflix Yesterday (03) announced the arrival of the title in the Games Catalog. In the game you will be able to choose one of four game characters that belong to the franchise Relic huntersAre called Hunters (Hunters) and call themselves Jimmy, Ace, Pink And Rafi.

Relic hunters: Rebels, A game developed by a Brazilian studio Rogue Snail. The game is now available and can be downloaded by the company’s streaming service subscribers directly to mobile devices running the operating system. iOS Or Android.

Watch the launch trailer below. Relic Hunters: Rebels.

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Mark Venturel, CEO of Rogue Snail, Said he agreed to run the game Netflix Be a part of the beginning of this catalog of games that the streaming company offers to its users, but also talk about not worrying about monetizing the game so that the focus is only on game development.

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Marco They also talked about the importance they attached to their development to make the game available with a large number of devices, even with older hardware and less processing power, in addition to representing the universe. Relic hunters For more people who do not yet know franchise.

THE CEO He also commented on the inclusion of diversity and non-verbal characters in the game (Barrow) and said that this is a natural addition to the title. There was a character Created by a non-human, painted by a trans woman and voiced by a non-binary person Gives Ian Point.

Download Relic Hunters: Rebels from the Netflix app or directly from Apple or Google App stores. To find games:

  • Users on Android phones will see a list and tab where they can choose games to download.
  • Users on iPhones will see a list where they can choose to download games.
  • Users on the tablet can view a list of games or choose to download and play them from the drop-down menu.

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