MLB suspends Trevor Bauer for two seasons over abuse allegations

Trevor Bauer has been suspended from the Los Angeles Dodgers for two seasons by the Major League Baseball, which is in immediate effect due to a breach of the league’s domestic violence and sexual assault policy.

The suspension – which includes 324 games without pay – was announced by Commissioner Rob Manfred on Friday. This happened after an investigation by the league into allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman. Bauer, who joined the Dodgers last season as a free agent, was taken on administrative leave on July 2 for a fee. Other allegations of assault were published in The Washington Post – one of which first surfaced on Friday after Bauer’s announcement. Stop.

Bauer, 31, loudly defended himself throughout the process and filed numerous lawsuits against various people, including members of the media. He condemned the decision on Friday in a statement.

“Most firmly, I deny any breach of the League’s domestic violence and sexual assault policy,” Bauer said in a statement. “I appeal to this action and I expect it to win. “Throughout this process, my representatives and I respect the confidentiality of the proceedings.”

In court records and testimony, the woman said she began contact with Bauer and began a consensual relationship in April 2021, with some agreed upon rough sex, but this led to sexual acts that were not agreed upon. He also said he strangled her hair until she lost consciousness. He said he returned to Bauer’s home in Pasadena, California in May and found a safe word indicating he wanted to stop, but he continued to drown until he lost consciousness and was punched.

Bauer’s lawyer said in a previous statement that his client had received messages saying that the woman had strangled him during the clash and asked Sila.

Separately, The Washington Post published an investigation in August that revealed another incident of alleged violence.

A report in The Post described in detail how an Ohio woman requested a protective order against Bauer in 2020 after she was beaten and strangled during sex without consent. According to this report, which relied on sealed court records and other documents, the woman refused the request six weeks after it was filed and after Bauer’s lawyers threatened to take legal action. Bauer Called the report “False narration” and accused the woman of attempted extortion.

On Friday, The Post released the third indictment against Bauer.

After several extensions of his administrative leave last season, his year officially ended on September 21 when it was agreed that he would not return to the team. He was paid for the whole of 2021 – his contract was worth $ 28 million, according to Spotrac – but under the terms of his suspension he will not be paid in 2022 or 2023 for the last two years of his contract with Los Angeles. If the appeal is not upheld, Bauer will be suspended at the start of the 2024 season and he will lose about $ 60 million in salary.

Bauer’s prospects as a free agent upon his return are unknown. He will be 33 at the start of the 2024 season – still young enough to be an effective midfielder for a few years – but will need a team to reconsider the allegations in hopes of boosting his starting line-up. In the NFL, where Dashon Watson was accused of multiple sexual assaults – he denied all allegations – the young quarterback Cleveland Browns gave him a $ 230 million contract.

The Dodgers, for whom Bauer appeared in just 17 games, released a statement following a statement in which the team stated that it supported the league’s policy but that it would not comment further on Bauer’s appeal.

“The Dodgers take all allegations of this nature very seriously and do not justify or justify any acts of domestic violence or sexual assault,” the statement said. “We have been fully cooperating with the MLB investigation since its inception, and we fully support MLB’s policy of joint domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse, and the Commissioner enforcing the policy.”

Bauer is the 16th player to be suspended under domestic policy on domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. His disqualification is twice as much as any other player has received under the policy and he is the first of the players to say he will appeal the decision, thus making this an incomprehensible area for both the player and the league.

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