Miyazaki reveals his favorite boss in the Elden Ring

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One of FromSoftware’s specialties is their game bosses. After Demon’s Souls there are many among all the games, one memorable over the other. Elden Ring has more than 100 bosses (Many are repeated), but among the chiefs, General Radan, the giant on the lean horse, is the favorite of Hidetaka Miyazaki,

In an interview with Japan’s Xbox Wire, the creator of Elden Ring says the boss is “fascinating as a character.” Miyazaki also mentions that he likes the way of the festival. He says no one on the team took him to the series when he got the idea to meet the giant through the festival. I’m glad it came out so well.

Radan is really charming (spoiler)

This is one of the most memorable battles between Miyazaki and FromSoftware. If you have not played and are not bothered by spoilers, General Radan is in the giant arena, among the biggest bosses (maybe Placidusax is equivalent) and he is only available through the festival, which in turn only starts a few days later. Event.

Radan’s introductory scene shows the character fallen, unsuccessful and at worst, though before he was the most powerful and glorious Elden of all the demigods in the ring. The culprit of the current situation in which he finds himself is a certain favorite and hated character who has revealed thousands of players is beyond doubt.

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Another very interesting feature of this fight is the ability to summon several NPCs in addition to real players that you will see throughout the game. This makes the fight even more epic and is the first among developer games that allows so many characters to be similar together.

Radan is really charming. The general has mastered the art of gravity and only he holds stars (or meteors) above the Midlands. So much so that after their death they fall to the ground, revealing another huge new piece of the underground map.

Also, the giant does not sit on his horse, which data miners say is called Leonard, according to game codes. Radahni grew and grew fast, so bypassing the horse, he mastered gravity and swam to the top.

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Miyazaki also says that After General Radan, Godrick and Ricard are his other favorite bosses. He is still surprised and happy with the success of the Elden Ring. When asked about the inspiration for creating the game world, he says he does not have any specific name but he knows the titles Skyrim, The Witcher 3 and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

My favorite boss is Godfrey, because of his generosity and history. And which is your favorite boss? Make a comment!


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