Minecraft will integrate its Java and Bedrock versions of PC purchases

Mojang will continue to play the games as two separate versions

One of the most successful games of all time! Minecraft Originally developed JavaBut from 2017 its main version of the so-called.Bottom“. While both still coexist and receive similar updates, They have been sold as individuals for years.

This was announced by Microsoft This story will change from next Tuesday (7), when a One-time purchase will release Java and Bedrock versions of the game. According to the company, those who have already purchased at least one of them will receive the other one for free on the PC account, which will purchase the new official name of the game: Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition.

It should be the decision of the company Simplify the process of purchasing a game and playing with others Who prefers one or the other. Microsoft says users will find crossplay features in both, but Bedrock will be the only one to continue Connections with those who play Minecraft on consoles.

Versions will remain separate

To be clear, Java and Bedrock will remain separate games with their different features.”, Said developer Mojang On his official blog. “The only difference is that you get both by default when you buy Minecraft for your Windows PC, accessing both from the same check.“.

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While the two versions of the game did not prevent Minecraft from gaining immense popularity, It did not come without any problems. Considered more “free” by the public, The Java version was controversial when it came to claiming to use a Microsoft account Release the bed of its players from the end of 2020.

Available on platforms such as Pracha, Xbox, ᲡGame station, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android And for others, the game is one of the most popular titles of all time. It also receives an update on June 1.19Also the so-called WildWhich will bring new enemies, construction options and game improvements.

Minecraft Ray Tracing may soon be available on Xbox Series X | S consoles

Minecraft Ray Tracing may soon be available on Xbox Series X | S consoles
The game may also incorporate AMD FSR or other scaling technology


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