Midgard Tribes: 10 Tips for Beginners

Midgard tribes Is a multiplayer game that combines elements of rogue and survival and you can meet dozens of enemies while exploring Midgard, gathering resources and defending your base to stop Ragnarok (the end of the world) for as long as possible. The map is procedural, so you always have a different experience in each match, which also complicates the game.

Fortunately, there are some valuable tips we can give to those who are just starting out, whether you are playing matches alone or with many players. If you are wondering, just check out our list of tips for beginners T.Midgard ribs Just below!

Collect all possible resources

Of all the possible tips we can offer, the most relevant is this: Gather absolutely all the resources you will encounter while exploring the map. Midgard tribes. Trust me, at some point you will need a piece of wood, stone, leather, metal or monster.

These resources are important for improving your base structures, making medicines, or building armor and weapons. Meanwhile, there are other resources that are needed if you want to defeat the ultimate boss, so be sure to collect things!

Find and activate shrines

The shrines you will find along the way allow you to quickly travel to the base and where they are located, which makes them very important to discover everything on the map and achieve your goals without having to walk.

They can also be used in emergencies, such as when there are too many enemies behind you or when your base is under attack. Therefore, it is essential that you and your team find and activate all possible altars as soon as possible.

Raise the level of NPCs as soon as possible

It is a good idea to prioritize improving the base in the first few days of your trip.Source: Norsfell Games / Disclosure

The NPCs in your base enable you to build medicines, armor, weapons, some sophisticated resources, and structures. It is therefore important to use your spirits to level each of them to gain access to even more powerful elements.

This should be done in the first few days, which is not difficult if everyone on your team is involved in a certain number of souls.

Improve your base

From the very first days of the game Midgard tribes, You will notice that your base does not have gateways or NPCs that are exclusively guarded. This can be easily changed if you spend a few souls and some resources to upgrade your base, which will make it safer against the monsters that attack you most nights.

The first improvement you need to make is the gates, as you can close them at any time. If enemies appear, they will attack behind closed gates until you destroy them, so you buy yourself a large amount of time to attack the most full side, while the rest are instantly left locked.

Another improvement you can make after that is to ensure that the archers are at all entrances. That way, they will attack the enemies as soon as they are in sight, which will make your life much easier when you no longer want to spend the whole night defending the base.

Perform missions

There is so much to do Midgard tribes, It is normal to create the impression that the quest board at your base is not so important. But these few missions that arise there are very necessary because they will give you a few fragments that serve to unlock the place where the final boss is.

It is not necessary for everyone on your team to do this, so it is a good idea to do this task for one person at the beginning of the game.

Enjoy the bloody moon nights

While a bloody moon is scary at first, it can be very rewarding later.While a bloody moon is scary at first, it can be very rewarding later.Source: Norsfell Games / Disclosure

Most of the time, monsters roam your base at night, but there are days when a “Blood Moon” ad appears on your screen. This suggests that the attacks will be much more violent and powerful monsters that will appear continuously.

At first, it can be very difficult if you are not well prepared, but once you are better equipped, you will be able to take advantage of this situation and use it to your advantage. The more powerful monsters we have mentioned have more rare drops that you will need to build some high level armor and weapons, so take advantage of this moment to defeat as many enemies as possible.

Insert resources into the chest

Given that you are constantly accumulating resources, it is important to remember to place everything in your chest at your base. That way, anyone can use them to level up NPCs, build armor and weapons, or level base structures, as the sleeve contents are fully shared and already appear in NPCs when you need to build something.

This makes everything more productive, after all, you will no longer have to check your inventory to see if you have the necessary items for every little thing you want to do. The same goes for any member of the team.

Understand your class better

You should always choose which class to use before starting a new game, but this is not an easy decision to make. Each class has its advantages and disadvantages and can be better used for certain tasks.

It is also always good to remember to raise your skill level as they will strengthen you and make it easier for you to deal with monsters. By knowing what your class is doing, you will also be able to develop your fighting strategies without so much difficulty.

It is a good idea to use each class at least a few times to see which one fits your style or what your team might need in battles.

Divide tasks into multiplayer

If you are in a multiplayer match, be sure to share tasks with the teamIf you are in a multiplayer match, be sure to share tasks with the teamSource: Norsfell Games / Disclosure

Midgard tribes This is a game you can enjoy alone, especially if you know what you are doing, but it is much easier and less stressful if you are in a multiplayer session. Be it your friends or random people, it is important to share tasks when you are with more people in Midgard.

This makes matches more effective and more likely to reach the final boss. Sure, you have to have a good idea of ​​which tasks are more important, but in general, you can have one person collecting more rare resources, another looking for the final place of the boss, someone performing the quests we mentioned earlier, and so on.

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