Microsoft’s new patent describes a system that adds physical games to the Xbox Digital Library

The new system allows gaming discs to be authenticated on platforms such as the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft recently filed a A patent that can permanently eliminate barriers between digital and physical games. According to the documents submitted by the company, the version included in the Xbox game box can be authenticated to give the user access to it as Part of your digital games library.

According to the new system, It will not even be necessary to have a game disc in the console to confirm ownership – Something that is currently happening with Xbox backward compatibility titles, for example. While many titles continue to receive physical versions, they often do not bring full game files, or stop working if they do not receive an update.

A new patent for Microsoft will emerge as a A solution for users who want to switch to the Xbox Series S without a disc player. With the new system, users will not have to worry about losing access Xbox One Or Xbox 360for example.

The patent recalls the company’s plans for the Xbox One

In the documents registered by the company, There are no details on whether to link the physical game to Forever Xbox Account, Or whether it will be done temporarily – which is more likely. As the GameRant website points out, the proposed solution is similar The original idea Microsoft had for the Xbox OneWhich was badly received by the public.

In 2013, the company even released a plan in which physical games will be permanently linked to an Xbox account. Which will prevent it from being resold to other players, e.g.. The company’s plans were severely criticized, which led to their complete reworking, discarding both the good and bad ideas contained in them.

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A newly registered patent also works with the idea that Game discs can be authenticated via an external player, But it is unclear whether this is an accessory created specifically for this purpose. Like other records, There is no guarantee that this will result in a real product.But it is interesting to see the solutions that Microsoft is studying for the future of digital distribution.


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Source: GameRant


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