Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard may be in the “final stages.”

Microsoft believes it will finally be able to take over Activision Blizzard by June 2023, but it’s possible the deal will fall through. completed before this deadline. Well-known market analyst MoffettNathanson hopes so, at least.

Although the whole procedure is going well because the shareholders and employees agree to all this and it seems that it will not be a monopoly, many financial markets Still have doubts If it really happens. It turns out that Microsoft will pay each shareholder $95 per share, but at the moment they are selling for $79.65. Actions remain 19% below this level.

“While we reject the notion that Microsoft will shut down Activision anytime soon, we see a case for it,” wrote Clay Griffin. “Even at a discount [de quase 20%] At the transaction price, Activision shares represent an uncorrelated market opportunity that we believe It’s worth buying.”

Barron insisted this month that he fears a deal will happen The derailment seemed exaggerated. It should be remembered that all Microsoft acquisitions are approved and the company seems to have good lawyers.

Analyst Clay Griffin recalled that Microsoft responded to the FTC’s second request, as we report here at Windows Club. Microsoft declined to comment when asked if it had responded to the request. Activision did not respond to Barron’s website. Historically, both companies that have met this requirement have set a timer 30 days for FTC to decide If you wanted to appeal to block the deal, but still have an appeal, approval may take longer than this deadline.

Griffin suggests that the silence since March suggests that there is “probably A good faith effort by Microsoft/Activision To address the Commission’s concerns.”

No one ever “There was an expectation that the FTC would review this agreement and strike it down,” Griffin said. “No, we do not think that the moment of resolution is necessarily imminent. But it is not wrong to assume that The Microsoft-Activvision agreement is entering its final stage.

With all of this in mind, Activision shares offer attractive returns to the analysts in question and are worth buying. Berkshire owns almost 10% of Activision now, and Fairfax Financial along with Prem Watsa own about the same amount. Two heavyweights think they will pass.


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