Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been approved in Brazil

CADE (Council of Economic Defense Administration) issued an opinion this Wednesday night (5). approval Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard “Without Limits”.

The multi-billion-dollar transaction has been consistently questioned by Sony, which insists it is a possibility. MS’s acquisition of a publisher could result in market losses – and, of course, PlayStation players. Even with Microsoft’s promise to keep releasing it CoD On PlayStation, the company fears losing customers to a competitor, saying that “Call of duty It’s so popular that it influences consumers’ choice of console.”

But CADE seems to have a very different opinion. The Brazilian agency stated this in a document The integration of Activision Blizzard, its studios and its games with Microsoft does not pose “significant risks to competition”..

According to CADE, however Call of duty It’s so popular, if the series stops being released on PlayStation players, it’s still possible Decide to switch to Xbox, or even PCcontinue to have access to the franchise’s games.” In other words, the agency doesn’t see the acquisition as a potential monopoly. Another option for loyal users of Sony’s platform would be ” Just drop the streakMigrate your request to other games available on your favorite console.”

In addition, the text asserts that the role of the Administrative Council of Economic Defense is to protect “competition as a means of promoting the welfare of the Brazilian consumer and not of protecting the special interests of particular competitors”. – clearly refers to Sony’s requests. If the player decides to leave the PlayStation to play CoD On Xbox, CADE does not believe that such a capability in itself constitutes a Competition risk in the console market as a whole.”

The document also highlights the fact that “exclusive content is and has always been very important to the competitive dynamics in the console segment,” indicating this. A title exclusivity strategy used by PlayStation and Nintendo. According to CADE’s analysis, the launch of exclusive games is “one of the main factors responsible for positioning PlayStation as the leader in the worldwide console market for more than two decades, a leadership that continues to this day.”

On the other hand, Microsoft “currently appears to be selling fewer consoles than its two competitors worldwide” and is trying to strengthen its games division by acquiring studios and publishers. The goal, according to CADE, will be “Power up Xbox and Game Pass content to make your products and services more attractive to consumers”.

Finally, to hammer it down once and for all, the text reinforces this Big N makes a very good living without relying on Activision Blizzard games. Furthermore, Sony’s privileged position in the market would be more than enough to “keep PlayStation competitive in a post-operational scenario, even with the eventual loss of access to Activision Blizzard’s content.”

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