Microsoft will be disappointed with the state of Halo Infinite

The company scrambled 343 industry structures to try to recoup the losses caused by the game.

Widely praised for its release in late 2021, Halo Infinite has struggled ever since From delaying the release of updates to removing important names from your production team. According to insider Brad Sams, Microsoft is disappointed with the game’s performance so farBoth due to problems and financial consequences.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Sams said that the company has invested millions in the game and The goal was to make it a worthy competitor to Destiny 2. He said the departure of names like Bonnie Ross and the internal restructuring that 343 Industries is going through is a result of This plan failed completely.

Halo Infinite isn’t in good shape, it’s not in good shape, and it didn’t meet the goals Microsoft set for the 343 when it came out. He did not comply with the financial side either, as I heard. Almost universally, it did not live up to expectations.“, – said a well-known insider.

Season 3 was the final straw for Halo Infinite

Sams also claims that Microsoft decided to fire Bonnie Ross, the head of 343 Industries. The result of receiving the announcement of the third season of multiplayer content for Halo Infinite. He believes that this was the “last straw” that forced the company to restructure the studio in the hope of getting the results it expected in the future.

He explains that The game was released without a base, which allows for its constant expansion, which requires the studio to frequently ask for new rounds of funding. with time, This ended up creating a financial hole that has not been paidWhether it’s through the sale of physical and digital items or the microtransactions featured in multiplayer.

Entering the realm of speculation, Sams explains that 343 changes within the industry should take no time. For him, the developer must cancel any other projects related to the series and Focus all your efforts on Halo InfiniteThis is the only way to guarantee that it will achieve the goals set by Microsoft.

The Halo Infinite Core team is leaving 343 Industries to found a new studio at NetEase

The Halo Infinite Core team is leaving 343 Industries to found a new studio at NetEase
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