Microsoft says Sony is “blocked” from Game Pass PlayStation

fight Microsoft to complete the purchase Activision Blizzard to be continued. This time, in a statement in response to an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in Britain, the company claims that Sony has “blocked” Game Pass on PlayStation.

As journalist Tom Warren showed, on Twitter, Microsoft again defended the acquisition, saying that it does not pose a threat to a competitor. “There is no reason to purchase Call of duty Can “tilt” subscription services in favor of Xbox. Sony has chosen to block PlayStation Game Pass, so it is not available on PlayStation,” the statement read.

Unfortunately, the issue is not specified, but it certainly suggests that Microsoft has made a proposal to include Game Pass on Sony’s console. The company also claims that the game will still be available for comparison to users on the PlayStation, which “will still be cheaper than the cost of the Switch. [de plataforma] When purchasing an Xbox console.”

According to the owner of Xbox, the acquisition will be beneficial for players, increase the quality of the service and expand access to the content of Activision Blizzard. “This increase in competition has not been welcomed by market leader Sony, which has chosen to protect its revenue from the sale of new game releases rather than offering players access to them through their subscription, PlayStation Plus,” it concludes.

The CMA’s investigation began last month and involved Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, who is seeking to reverse the acquisition. Despite the concerns of competitors, Microsoft said that even if the acquisition is completed, Sony and Nintendo will remain the largest market.

Notably, while the UK regulator is investigating the case, the acquisition has already been approved by the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) in Brazil.

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