Microsoft responds harshly to UK antitrust, which cites Sony 57 times and consumers only 10 times.

Those who had the opportunity to read Microsoft’s response to the CMA (English antitrust authority) document that launched Phase 2 of the evaluation process for the Activision Blizzard acquisition explained that it was simply brutal when they noticed some nonsense like O. The fact that Sony is cited 57 timesagainst 10 times user is quoted.

This is obvious Shocking situationBecause it is as if the document has been drawn up to please Sony and to reiterate their point of view on the matter rather than motivate new investigations into the business to protect consumers.

The first problem with the CMA document will be that Was just quoting the Xbox datawithout comparing with others. With only franchise numbers like Halo, Forza, and Gears, the Xbox has been designed to appear more powerful in the market than it actually is.

Other issues, such as the appeal of the COD series to Xbox gamers and force majeure in relation to other franchises such as GTA, Fortnite, NBA 2K, Minecraft, Rocket League and FIFA, were contested. However, it is very interesting that Microsoft denied the CMA’s claim of having documents that would reveal a desire to steal the Call of Duty franchise from PlayStation. Essentially accusing the English body of lying.

In fact, if these documents did not exist, it would be a big problem for the CMA. Microsoft’s response continues Covert accusations that Sony falsified certain data, to come to condemnation Prejudice in favor of a Japanese company. Here’s how many times Sony is mentioned in the CMA document, which, as mentioned earlier, is huge compared to consumer quotes. Indeed, one wonders who is trying to protect the entity at this point, as it seems to fully consider only one company’s point of view.

However, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft’s response will be effective if the English antitrust hold-up continues to have its way.

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