Microsoft Office Clippy is new to Halo Infinite

The infamous production assistant appears as one of the collectors of the FPS

Available to Halo Infinite players from last Tuesday (3), the title’s competitive second season has brought surprises. between them is Involvement in the game Clippy, infamous Microsoft Office assistantWhich will appear as one of the accessory options that can be fitted by the player.

Favorite Paper Clip debuted in 1999, with the release of Office 97 and Aims to help text creator users work. The character became known for being quite intrusive, appearing at a time when users felt they did not need his help.

The wizard’s idea was that Computer users interacted with machines just as they interacted with humans – So, it would be good to offer more “human” elements in your experience of use. Although Microsoft “resigned” in 2007 Clip Remained a famous figure As part of the company’s experiments, which did not go well.

The clip appears in several elements of Halo Infinite

Clippy-inspired cosmetics are available in several areas of Halo Infinite: Players can display it on their nameplates or, for example, as an ornament on a weapon.. The character comes with several options of additional accessories that are a reward for the most dedicated FPS players.

However, so far it seems There is no way to get the Microsoft Office mascot by conventional means – It looks like your access to the game is reserved for the new Battle Pass. According to 343 Industries, he uses the second season of the game as a way Experiments on how to reward players and make the game more fun.

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Now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S players for free, Halo Infinite Online Multiplayer Update is known as “Lonely Wolves” And brings new maps and game modes to the title. Among the new features is the Arena map Catalyst And landscape BreakerWhich brings even more challenges Great team fight.


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