Microsoft launches Lunar Shift controller for Xbox Series X|S and PC

The new accessory has a finish that changes color when the sun shines on it.

Microsoft announced last Tuesday (11). Launching the new Lunar Shift controllerline compatible Xbox Series X|S This is Pracha. The new model promises to provide buyers with a “surreal” experience by offering a color scheme that adapts to the light falling on it.

Depending on how this happens, The accessory varies between silver and gold tones. According to Microsoft, this gives the controller “Stylized and smoky atmosphere” This differentiates it from other color options it currently offers to consumers.

Along with Lunar Shift, Microsoft will also provide users with a A personal charging base with the same visual layout. produced by RazerIt will be sold separately from the model The new controller will cost $69.99 (BRL 370 with direct conversion), the base will be sold separately $49.99 (BRL 264.62).

Microsoft offers a full line of custom controls

While the official announcement of the Lunar Shift controller was made via the Brazilian edition of Xbox Wire, Microsoft has confirmed that it is not yet available in the domestic marketNor did he make any predictions that this might happen in the future. In Brazil, the company sells several special control colors, including White, Black, Yellow, Pulse Red and Shock Blue optionsamong others.

The company too A special 20th anniversary version of the Xbox was released on the Brazilian market, which brings a transparent finish and themes based on the first version of the device. However, many special models of the accessory are limited to the North American and European markets – the recently released Xbox Elite Series 2 Core.

Brazil also still doesn’t have access to the Xbox Design Lab system, which allows you to create controls with fully customizable visual aspects. Through it, the user can Choose different color templates, button formats And choose from a variety of personalization styles – including the ability to add phrases or a Gametag to the controller.

A new Xbox Series update lets you customize the controller's share button

A new Xbox Series update lets you customize the controller’s share button
The feature is already available to Xbox Insider users


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Source: XboxWire


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