Microsoft is testing mouse and keyboard support on Xbox Cloud Gaming

A recent update changed the Xbox Cloud Gaming interface and added mouse and keyboard icons

Participants in the Xbox Insider program received an update to the Xbox PC app that changed the Xbox Cloud Gaming interface. The main change is the addition of icons that indicate mouse and keyboard support in Xbox Cloud Gaming. The app also introduced a new filter in the search bar that allows users to quickly search for games that support peripherals.

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during the event Xfest for everyone, which took place in July this year, Microsoft promised to introduce mouse and keyboard support to Xbox Cloud Gaming, as well as reduce streaming latency by 72 ms. The changes to the interface of the Xbox Insider program are a strong indication that the company is already conducting the necessary tests before the updates are available to all users.

on Image above You can detect the change in the Xbox Cloud Gaming interface. At the top, in the gray bar where the phrase “Most games require a controller” is written (most games require a controller), in the right corner there are icons that show settings, connectivity, mouse and controller tabs. The mouse icon is new, added in the latest app update for Xbox Insiders.

Mouse and keyboard support is in testing phase

The Windows Central portal comments that at the moment the new interface has some bugs and slow loading, after all it is a test version. The new search filter, for finding games with mouse and keyboard support, also does not work properly, does not allow to return after starting the search.

At this time, Microsoft is conducting the necessary tests to ensure the functionality of connecting to peripheral devices in Xbox Cloud Gaming. This process is not easy, because several elements, such as the high precision of the movements offered by the mouse, need to be properly calibrated to avoid problems. It’s not confirmed when Microsoft will offer mouse and keyboard support to all Xbox Cloud Gaming users, but the interface change is a sign that an update is on the way.

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Source: Windows Central


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